Phoebe Emergency/Trauma


For life-threatening illness or injury, Phoebe Emergency Centers in Albany, Americus and Sylvester are ready to provide care, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The flagship hospital of our system, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital (PPMH), is equipped and staffed with a dedicated trauma response team of numerous surgeons skilled in a variety of specialties and highly-trained clinicians who provide specialized care for victims of extreme life-threatening injuries such as blunt force and penetrating trauma.

Our most common trauma cases involve vehicle crashes, industrial accidents, violent assaults involving guns or knives, serious falls, impalements, and other incidents that could be fatal or cause permanent, long-term, or serious disability.

Minor illnesses and injuries can be treated at Phoebe Urgent Care Centers or at the Phoebe Community Care Clinic. Each of these centers is staffed by highly-qualified physicians, registered nurses and technologists trained to deliver urgent care to children and adults. No appointments are necessary.

Phoebe Emergency Center Locations:

Phoebe (Main Campus)

417 W. Third Avenue | Albany, GA 31701

Phoebe Sumter Medical Center

126 Hwy. 280 West | Americus, Georgia 31719

Phoebe Worth Medical Center

807 S. Isabella Street | Sylvester, Georgia 31791