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At Phoebe, our team of expert doctors, nurses, and medical specialists are a big part of the communities we serve. And that makes sense because these are our communities. These are our neighbors. They're our friends and family. Which is why we believe truly expert care means more than the latest, greatest innovations in medicine; it means being able to really connect with patients - to hear and see them for exactly who they are, so we can help them heal and get back to their best lives. At Phoebe, we believe in making every life we touch, better.

Click below to hear stories of how our patient-professional relationship has helped to change our friends’ and neighbors’ lives.




People Who Count on Phoebe

Phoebe makes a difference in the lives of people across southwest Georgia every day -- from providing the expert healthcare they need, to supporting their efforts to improve the quality of life in our communities, to helping Phoebe Family members continue their education and serve our patients better. Meet some of the patients, community leaders and healthcare workers who count on Phoebe.


Ken Faust, Uniform Division Commander
Dougherty County Sheriff's Office

Ken Faust has faithfully served as a law enforcement officer with the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office for 30 years. Other than diabetes, which he carefully manages, Ken never had any serious health problems, until one night in early May 2022 when he suffered a major heart attack that nearly took his life. As an EMS team rushed him to Phoebe, they used technology donated by the Phoebe Foundation to electronically transmit real-time data about Ken’s heart to Phoebe’s ER.

When Ken arrived, the emergency cardiac team was assembled and ready to care for him. As soon as he arrived in the ER, Ken went into cardiac arrest. The team spent more than 45 minutes performing CPR, and they shocked Ken’s heart more than 70 times before he could be taken to the catheterization lab for a lifesaving procedure. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, Ken made an amazing recovery and was back at work in just a few weeks.

Ernie Shiver
Trauma & Cancer Survivor

Ernie Shiver had never been a patient in a hospital until a terrible workplace accident changed his life. His right foot was severed, and he needed emergency surgery to amputate his leg just above his knee. Ernie credits the quick, quality care he received at Phoebe with saving his life. He is now an advocate for Phoebe’s effort to earn designation as a level II trauma center, convinced that expansion of emergency services will ensure even more people like him in southwest Georgia will get lifesaving trauma care at Phoebe.

A few years after his accident, Ernie was diagnosed with cancer. He had multiple options for cancer treatment but knew he would receive the best possible care at the Phoebe Cancer Center. Ernie is now in remission and getting around well on his prosthetic leg.

Will Riggins
ER Technician and Nursing Student

After Will Riggins dropped out of college, he was looking for some direction in his life. He found it at Phoebe. Will began working at our main hospital cleaning patient rooms, but he quickly found his passion – caring for others. He worked his way up to become an ER technician and is currently a nursing student at Albany State University.

Will is also part of Phoebe’s nurse extern program in which he will gain even more valuable experience in patient care.  Once he earns his nursing degree, Will plans to serve as a nurse in our ER and continue his education to become a nurse practitioner.

Chris Hatcher
CEO, 4C Academy

Chris Hatcher brought his business background and economic development experience to the Commodore Conyers College & Career Academy, an innovative charter school serving students in Dougherty, Terrell, Baker and Calhoun counties.  His primary goal is to ensure students are well-prepared to succeed in whatever education or career path they choose after high school.

Phoebe has been an active partner since 4C opened in 2017, donating equipment, providing expertise and collaborating with 4C and other institutions to create a one-of-a kind program for students interested in careers in healthcare.  The Phoebe Health Science Pathway will benefit students and our community and improve the delivery of healthcare in southwest Georgia.

Fredando “Farmer Fredo” Jackson
Executive Director, Flint River Fresh

Farmer Fredo is committed to ending food insecurity in southwest Georgia. As Executive Director of Flint River Fresh, he manages community gardens, teaches urban farming techniques, and ensures people in need have access to fresh produce.

He’s also proud to educate youth and people with developmental disabilities on how to grow fresh food and operate food access network sites in their communities. As one of Flint River Fresh’s top partners, Phoebe provides land, volunteers and funding for community gardens and works closely with Farmer Fredo to improve health and wellness in our communities.

Frank Wilson
Community Advocate & Cancer Survivor

Frank is as active a community servant as you are likely to find in southwest Georgia. In addition to his ongoing volunteer work, Frank has enjoyed successful careers in education and workforce development, and previously served as Executive Director of the Albany Civil Rights Institute.

As a survivor of both cancer and COVID-19, Frank is grateful for the quality care Phoebe provided, right here in his own back yard.

Mary Martinez
Executive Director, Lily Pad SANE Center

Mary Martinez was working as a beat officer with the Albany Police Department when the chief convinced her to take a training course to learn to do forensic interviews with abused children. That’s when she found her passion and life’s work.

For the last 10 years, she has served as executive director of the Lily Pad SANE Center. Mary leads a team of experts who conduct sexual assault examinations, interview victims of abuse and testify on their behalf. Since 2008, Phoebe has provided a rent-free building to the Lily Pad and is proud to be one of the organization’s strongest community partners.

Alex Reshetnichenko
Violinist & Youth Orchestra Conductor

Alex Reshetnichenko is the orchestra teacher for the Dougherty County School System. He is also a professional violinist who performs with the Albany Symphony Orchestra and the Valdosta Symphony Orchestra.

His career was threatened in 2018, when his left pinky was broken and severely damaged in a freak fall. Alex was willing to travel anywhere in the world to find the right surgeon to repair his finger and allow him to continue playing the violin. Luckily, he found the care he needed, right here in Albany at Phoebe Orthopaedics.

Chelsea Morrow
Registered Nurse, Phoebe

A native of Lee County, Chelsea was a star athlete at Lee County High School before earning her nursing degree from ABAC. Phoebe’s unique Nursing Simulation Training & Education Program (NSTEP) gave Chelsea the confidence and hands-on training she needed when COVID-19 prevented nursing students from getting all the clinical training typically required before graduation.

Now, as she works as a nurse, Chelsea is thankful that Phoebe is helping her further her education and giving her opportunities to advance her career – all without having to move away from the area and people she loves.

Jasmin Collins
Small Business Owner & Mother of Three

When Jasmin faced pregnancy while still in high school, it was a scary and uncertain time. Then she connected with Phoebe’s Network of Trust, where she found the guidance and support she needed to forge her path towards personal and professional success.

Today, Jasmin has three wonderful sons, and she owns her own business. She credits the teen parenting education she got through Phoebe with helping her become the woman and the mother she is today.