TRAFFIC Detours and Parking Updates around Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

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As the largest employer in southwest Georgia, Phoebe is the engine that keeps our region’s economy running. A recent study showed nearly 27% off all the jobs in Dougherty County would not exist without Phoebe. Members of the Phoebe Family live and work in communities throughout southwest Georgia, supporting small businesses across the region.


Source: Community Benefit Report FY2021; Georgia Hospital Association Economic Impact Report 2019.


Phoebe is the third largest payer of property taxes in Dougherty County, behind only two major utility companies. Through taxes on property not currently used for healthcare purposes and voluntary payments in lieu of taxes on the Phoebe North campus, Phoebe pays nearly $1 million a year in taxes in Dougherty County alone. While many other community hospitals receive direct local tax support to offset the cost of indigent care, Phoebe does not receive any.

Local Vendors

Whenever possible, Phoebe does business with local vendors. Whether we are undertaking a major construction project or bringing in lunch for a department meeting, we look to support businesses with southwest Georgia roots. Every year, Phoebe spends millions of dollars with companies right here in our part of the state.

Workforce Development

We take our role as a community and corporate leader seriously, and we work closely with many partners on workforce and economic development. We know one of the most important things industries look at when considering locating in an area is the quality of the available healthcare resources, and we continually work to expand services and improve access to care.

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