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Phoebe Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy

The mission of Phoebe Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation is to safeguard the health of our community by maximizing patients’ functional independence while delivering top-level experiences and treatments.

At Phoebe Outpatient Rehabilitation we offer the following therapies:

  • Physical therapy (adults and pediatric)
  • Speech-Language therapy (adult and pediatric)
  • Occupational therapy (adults and pediatric)
  • Cardiac rehabilitation

No other rehabilitation program in the region provides a more comprehensive range of services - treating patients with a wide range of conditions. The origin of our patients' conditions may include physical events resulting in injury, illness such as heart disease or stroke requiring surgery and rehabilitation, or a condition such as back and neck pain, tendonitis or pinched nerves.

Customized care for each patient.

In each individual case, our therapists design a unique program for recovery, health and wellness customized to the needs of the patient. Our team approach brings the skills and experience of professionals from a range of disciplines to bear on each patient's case, in order to help bring about the patient's maximum possible recovery. Athletic trainers, exercise physiologists and physical therapists prepare an individualized training regime to prepare athletes to go back to competition and to prevent further injuries.

To learn more about services at Phoebe Outpatient Rehabilitation, please call 229-312-8700

If you think you may benefit from outpatient physical rehabilitation services, talk to your doctor.  A physician referral is required.