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Patient Stories

Robert Melton

When Robert’s nagging knee pain made it difficult to play with his young grandkids, he knew it was time to turn to the experts at Phoebe Orthopaedics.

Janice Hayes

Between gardening, DIY projects and spending time with her family, Janice has a lot on her plate. So when she started experiencing severe shoulder pain, she needed help fast.

Michelle Andrews

As an actress, Michelle is always ready to “break a leg.” But when she tore her ACL during a performance, it put her acting on hold.

Darrell Sabbs

Darrell wasn't about to let nagging pain slow him down. Thanks to Phoebe Orthopaedics, Darrell has replaced his hip pain with the joy of spending time with his grandkids and jumping back to his busy life.

Bailey and Liza

Bailey and Liza have a lot in common. They go to the same high school. They play on the same basketball team. They even tore their ACLs in the same week.

Troy Dykes

Troy loves the outdoors, so when nagging knee pain was getting in the way of his weekly hikes, he turned to Phoebe Orthopaedics to get him back on the trail.

Tracie Shedrick

Tracie is a police officer. When she suffered a serious hand injury, she needed a team she could trust to get her get back to work – fast.

Brandon Dawkins

Brandon loves coaching basketball, so when a freak accident put him on the bench, he needed a team he could trust to get him back in the game.

Phyllis King

When Phyllis’s passion for teaching and love of restoring furniture were both overshadowed by excruciating shoulder pain, she turned to the experts at Phoebe Orthopaedics.

Kricia Morris

As a physical therapy student, Kricia knew she needed to see an orthopaedist when her wrist kept her from her jobs as a therapist and a mother.