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Lung Resection

Lung resection is a surgical procedure in which a section of a lung or the entire lung is removed. Lung resection is performed on patients with a damaged or diseased lung.

Reasons for needing lung resection include:

  • Lung cancer or tumor
  • Lung disease such as emphysema
  • Infection, such as tuberculosis
  • Dilated bronchi of bronchiectasis
  • Lung abscess
  • Atelectasis

Lung resection is done under general anesthesia, and may include removal of a small or large section of a lung, or removal of the entire lung. Lymph nodes and some surrounding tissue around the diseased area may also be removed.

Lung resection is a major operation, involving an average hospital stay of between three and six days. However, in some cases, a less invasive procedure known as video assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) can be used. VATS allows the surgeon to use tiny video cameras and instruments inserted through very small incisions to see and operate inside the chest.

The thoracic surgeons at Phoebe perform more of these types of procedures than at any other hospital in Southwest Georgia.

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