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Georgia Tumor Registry and Cancer Registry

The Tumor Registry, a data system designed for the collection, management and analysis of data on patients diagnosed with cancer, is a vital part of our cancer program at Phoebe Cancer Center. The registry provides invaluable data to physicians that enable them to provide the most up-to-date cancer treatments available for their patients.

The database is updated constantly to reflect the most current information. Physicians' offices, hospital records, other tumor registries and patients themselves all help to provide information.

The data collected by the Tumor Registry is submitted monthly to the Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics/ Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Registry and annually to the National Cancer Data Base. The registry at Phoebe is instrumental in maintaining approval from the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. By earning the approval the Cancer Center at Phoebe maintains a high standard of care for their patients.

The registry is also responsible for organizing the weekly Cancer Conference, a meeting of medical professionals where the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients is discussed. The registry coordinates the activities of the Cancer Committee, a committee of health care professionals which helps direct long-range planning and activities of the cancer program, and compiles information for the Phoebe Cancer Center's Annual Report. The registry also serves as a reminder to physicians of patients who have not returned for their yearly checkup, through lifetime follow-up requirements as outlined by the Commission on Cancer.

Registries in the state of Georgia also conduct studies, research and training for the prevention of diseases. It's important to note that only research reports without names and identifiers are released. The registry staff at Phoebe maintains patient confidentiality at all times and are trained in the collection of cancer information. They attend educational meetings sponsored by the Georgia Tumor Registrars Association and are also members of the Georgia Tumor Registrars Association and the National Cancer Registrars Association. 


For more information regarding Tumor Registry, call 229-312-0432.