TRAFFIC Detours and Parking Updates around Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

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Trauma & Critical Care Tower

The emergency room is where most of our admitted patients begin their stay at Phoebe. The intensive care unit is where our most critically ill patients receive lifesaving care from specially-trained teams of experts. The neonatal intensive care unit is where miracles happen, as we compassionately care for unimaginably tiny and vulnerable babies.


The Trauma & Critical Care Tower will ensure the quality of our facilities matches the quality of the care patients receive.

You hope that you or your loved ones will never end up in one of those departments, but if you do, you certainly want to receive the highest quality of care from experienced providers utilizing the best technology and most advanced equipment. Phoebe’s new Trauma & Critical Care Tower will ensure the quality of our facilities matches the quality of the care patients receive from the largest and best trauma & emergency, critical care and NICU teams in south Georgia.

Construction Timelapse

Our new four-story tower will include 136,000 square feet of new space, providing the region’s most advanced facilities for the delivery of trauma, emergency and intensive care.

The top floor of the tower will initially remain unfinished and available for development to meet future needs.

Keep up with construction; here’s a look at our progress through January 2024.


Emergency & Trauma Center

Phoebe is currently seeking state designation and national verification as a Level II Trauma Center. We provide exceptional care to trauma patients every day, but designation as a Level II Trauma Center would expand Phoebe’s trauma capabilities and allow us to accept more trauma patients from a wider area of south Georgia. An expanded emergency and trauma center is an important aspect of our journey to a Level II Trauma Center. After construction of the new tower, the current emergency center will be completely renovated to create one large, seamless emergency & trauma center.

Ken's Story

As the first Georgia hospital south of Macon to earn designation as a Level 1 Emergency Cardiac Care Center, Phoebe provides the highest level and most comprehensive emergency cardiac care services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Ken Faust, a major with the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office needed those services when he suffered a heart attack that almost certainly would have killed him. He shares his amazing story of survival.

Ernie's Story

Ernie Shiver’s life changed in an instant when he was critically injured in an on-the-job accident. He believes the expert emergency care he received at Phoebe saved his life, and he knows even more people in southwest Georgia would receive kind of lifesaving trauma care at an expanded and officially-designated trauma center at Phoebe.


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Phoebe is one of six regional perinatal centers in Georgia. Our NICU cares for premature babies born in 22 counties. Currently, our NICU is licensed for 27 beds, but on an average day, our team cares for more than 40 babies. The new NICU will greatly expand our capacity and include overnight accommodations for visiting families. All new rooms will have windows for natural light to help regulate circadian rhythms and stimulate growth and offer more privacy and opportunities for family bonding.

Tammy and Chandler’s Story

Everything seemed normal with Tammy Boyd’s pregnancy, until she developed pre-eclampsia that suddenly threatened her life and her baby’s life. Chandler weighed barely a pound a half when he was born during an emergency c-section. He spent three months under the care of the compassionate experts in the Phoebe NICU. More than 10 years later, he’s a great athlete and an accomplished student, but he’ll always be his mom’s little miracle.

Jennifer and Lilly’s Story

Lilly Quaglietta was born prematurely in the difficult early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her parents were extremely grateful not to have to face the additional challenge of traveling to find the expert, specialized care their baby needed. Even when Lilly developed a life-threatening intestinal issue, the Quagliettas didn’t need to leave home. Thanks to the Phoebe NICU team, Lilly made a full recovery and continues to thrive today.


Intensive Care Unit

Quite often, all of Phoebe’s intensive care unit beds are full, and the demand for critical care services is only increasing. As the population in our region ages, medical care advances and Phoebe adds additional complex and advanced treatments, the need for critical care will continue to grow. The new intensive care unit will provide the space and technology we need to meet the critical care needs of the people of southwest Georgia for years to come.


High Intensity Critical Care

Phoebe employs a high intensity model in our intensive care units. That is best practice for critical care, and it means we have teams of experts working collaboratively to provide the highest quality and most advanced care for our most critically ill patients.

Construction Timeline


Topping Out

Const. Complete

Occupy Tower

Phase 2 Complete

Phoebe recently held a joint groundbreaking ceremony for two transformational facilities that, together, represent the largest construction project in the Albany area and the most significant investment in new healthcare infrastructure in southwest Georgia in recent years.