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Reaching Young People throughout the Community

Network of Trust is an in-school, interactive outreach program. Network of Trust goals include:

  • Promoting healthy moms and babies
  • Decreasing repeat pregnancies
  • Decreasing child abuse
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Increasing school attendance
  • Preventing school dropout

These goals are being accomplished by offering prenatal, parenting and teen health education, as well as a program designed to build self-esteem to all pregnant teens in Calhoun, Dougherty, Lee, and Terrell and Worth counties.

As a teen parenting program, we strive for success as a program as well as successful outcomes for the teens who participate in Network of Trust.

Why we do what we do…

  • Parenthood is the leading reason why teen girls drop out of school. 1
  • Teen moms are at increased risk for pregnancy complications and are less likely to receive consistent prenatal care. 2 3 4
  • Children of teen mothers are two times more likely to suffer abuse and/or neglect. 2 3
  • Teen moms are at increased risk to have a second child within 24 months which can further impede their ability to finish school, keep a job and escape poverty. 5

We believe addressing the issues above will not only benefit the teen parents but the community as a whole. We admire and support those who work tirelessly to prevent teen pregnancy but gladly offer our services towards the success of teens and communities who find they face the possible effects of teen parenting.

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5 - Kalmuss, D.S., & Namerow, P.B., Subsequent Childbearing Among Teenage Mothers: The Determinants of Closely Spaced Second Birth. Family Planning Perspectives, 1994.26(4): p.149-153.

Recognition and Partners of Network of Trust

Network of Trust gained prestigious national recognition by the American Hospital Association earning Phoebe the 1998 AHA NOVA award for its creative solution to community health challenges.

The program also received an award from the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention organization in 2009 for efforts made to decrease the teen pregnancy rate in southwest Georgia.

The Network of Trust Collaborative, Shining Stars of Our Community

  • Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
  • Dougherty County Health Department
  • Calhoun, Dougherty, Lee, Terrell & Worth County School Systems
  • Babies Can’t Wait
  • Family Literacy Connections
  • Department of Family & Children Services
  • Albany State University
  • Albany Technical College
  • Georgia Department of Human Resources
  • Families First
  • OB/GYN & Pediatric Offices of Dougherty County
  • Network of Trust is funded in part by: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

Call 229-312-4620 to learn how you or someone you know can benefit from the Network of Trust program.

Safe Sitter

Join our safe sitter summer class! Designed to prepare students in grades 6-8 to be safe when they're home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting.

Click HERE to view registration form.

Class Location:
Phoebe HealthWorks
311 Third Ave., Albany, GA 31701

Class Dates:
2021 Summer Class Dates TBA | *Maximum of 6 kids per class.

For more information about safe sitter classes, contact Amanda Paul at 229-312-4620 or email