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Jennifer Moree

Volunteer Spotlight - Jennifer Moree

Jennifer Moree is a runner. She’s completed an astounding 46 marathons all over the country, all since her youngest child finished high school.  When she’s not training for her next race, you may find her running around Phoebe’s Surgical Family Waiting (SFW) area, putting the same persistence and commitment it takes to be a marathoner to use to serve our patients and their families.

Jennifer became a Phoebe volunteer in 2003, and in the 14 years since, she’s logged almost 5,300 hours of volunteer service. Because of that dedication, she is our current Lillian B. Allison Award winner as Volunteer of the Year.

Jennifer has been an outstanding member of our Volunteer Advisory Board, and, before settling into SFW, she volunteered for years in Volunteer Services. She helped enter volunteer hours, kept up with all volunteer stats, and did anything she could to help the staff. Her meticulous attention to detail made her the perfect manager for many tasks that others might find tedious.

Jennifer goes above and beyond what we could expect from any volunteer. She often looks at the volunteer schedule in SFW. If she finds gaps, she comes in, not because she has to, but because she wants to. She cares about the staff in this area and recognizes how much volunteers are needed to assist staff and families waiting in this area. She is sensitive to the needs of the physicians and staff and also serves as a great advocate for those families.

Jennifer is the wife of Dr. Chip Moree and has three sons -- Lamar, James, and William. In addition to the many hours she has given to Phoebe, Jennifer also has volunteered for years at Deerfield Windsor School, Sherwood Baptist Church and Theatre Albany. She’s a member of the Charity League of Albany and a former member of the Junior League. Jennifer loves girls’ night out with dinner and a show at Theatre Albany, enjoys traveling with her husband and looks forward to running with friends. Although a University of Texas Longhorn by education, she has become a faithful Bulldog, attending UGA football and basketball games and gymnastics meets. She enjoys reading, cooking, and gardening and somehow found time to help plan the upcoming wedding of her youngest son, William.

If you see Jennifer in Surgical Family Waiting, or on the go somewhere else, be sure to tell her thank you for her service to Phoebe and our community.  And check out her feet.  She’ll probably have on her running shoes.