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Volunteer Spotlight – Bobby Ridley

Volunteer Spotlight - Bobby Ridley

Often, when people visit the hospital, it’s a difficult time. They may not feel much like smiling. But when Phoebe visitors come across Walker “Bobby” Ridley as they enter our main hospital, their face will almost surely light up.

Several days a week, Bobby volunteers with Phoebe Red Coats, assisting patients and visitors as they enter and exit the hospital.  Bobby loves people, and says he has met many nice people through his volunteer service at Phoebe. He greets everyone with a big smile and joyous attitude that immediately puts people at ease.

On Sundays, you’ll find Bobby behind the piano in our main lobby sharing his musical talent by playing wonderful music for all those who walk through the lobby to enjoy. He enjoys both of his volunteer areas so much, it’s impossible to choose which one he likes best.

Before Bobby began bringing smiles to the faces of Phoebe visitors in Albany, he made a whole lot of people who love sweets smile. He’s from Columbus, Ohio and worked for many years as a baker for Kroger there. He retired in 2000 and moved to Albany to be close to family members in the area.

Bobby’s hobbies are traveling, bike riding and, of course, music. He loves to go on cruises and recently took a trip to west Africa.  He is quite a bicycle enthusiast and owns many bicycles. His favorite type of music is classical, and he especially loves the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

We thank Bobby for his generous spirit and his selfless service. Next time you see him, be sure to smile back at him and thank him for all he does for Phoebe.