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What cardiac rehabilitation program includes

At Phoebe, cardiac rehabilitation is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Every rehabilitation program is custom-designed to fit the individual needs of each patient.

If you are a participant in cardiac rehabilitation at Phoebe, you'll progress under the watchful care of a dedicated team of rehabilitation specialists. The program includes:

A medical evaluation: Your rehabilitation team performs a thorough evaluation to assess your physical abilities, medical limitations, risk factors and other conditions. All of these factors help your team come up with a program custom-tailored to benefit you the most.

A supervised program of aerobic and resistance training exercises: The goal is to improve your cardiovascular fitness through walking, cycling and other activities. Your team will take you through your exercise program at a pace tailored to keep you comfortable, even if you've never exercised before.

Education and programs on how to reduce your risk factors for heart problems: Your team will help you recognize lifestyle choices that increase cardiac risk factors and how you can make wise choices that lower your risk. This includes testing patients' levels of "good" and "bad" cholesterol, and helping them learn to manage cholesterol levels. For diabetics, additional testing and help is provided in management of finger-stick blood sugars.

Stress management programs and counseling for depression: Your team will help you manage the emotional roller coaster that comes with a serious health condition. They'll also provide counseling to help deal with the stress to both you and your family of adjusting to this condition.

Nutritional counseling: Eating well and controlling weight are critical to heart health. Your team will help you learn how to lose excess weight and keep it off, and how to make healthy diet choices to reduce sodium, cholesterol and fats.

Your progress is carefully monitored: Doctors, cardiac nurse specialists, registered dietitians, physical therapists and clinical exercise physiologists will closely follow your progress in the program. The amount of time you spend with each type of professional will depend on your needs. As you progress, you will move to phases with less monitoring. By the end of the program, you will be ready to maintain a healthier lifestyle on your own.

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