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Welcome to The Phoebe Family Medicine Residency Program

We're so glad you decided to take a look! When selecting a residency, a number of factors come to mind: academics, training, post-residency job availability, work environment and the intangibles. Here, you will undergo a rigorous three-year training program that gives you a strong academic focus in a state-of-the-art community hospital.

As an unopposed program in a large, multi-specialty hospital, we have the benefit of first-access to many cases and procedures with all the technological advances.

Our faculty and specialists at Phoebe Putney Health System are excellent teachers, with that warm and welcoming "southern hospitality" you've heard about (yes, the rumors are true!) They are invested in our education and are great resources throughout training and beyond.

With all our program has to offer, our greatest asset is still our people. The people are the intangibles. You will work with compassionate, dedicated faculty and residents who care about you, the person, as much as you, the physician. Our community embraces you and appreciates your service. It's that family unit that really becomes our greatest strength.

Juan Serna-Gonzalez, DO and Vadley Faugue, MD
Chief Residents, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency


Class of 2025 Residents

Kimberly Carrette, MD

Class of 2025, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I was born in Washington, D.C. to parents from the island of Dominica. I grew up in Maryland, and from a young age my parents exemplified to me what it means to be determined and diligent, while instilling me with the characteristics of generosity and compassion throughout my childhood. Through their many sacrifices, I was able to attend college at the University of Maryland, College Park where I earned my BS in psychology. While in college, I was able to gain some clinical experience and volunteer at primary care offices. These experiences grew my interest in primary care and gave me a better idea of what I planned to do with my future in medicine. 

A few years later I started my medical school training at Howard University College of Medicine where I was able to solidify my passion for primary care and provide care to underserved communities. With that background, I knew that I wanted to attend residency at a place that would allow me the opportunity to work in a community where I could address social disparities in healthcare while continuing my passion for primary care. When I came across Phoebe, I was impressed by the diversity of the faculty and staff and felt that everyone I talked to truly wanted to support me throughout my residency journey. I know that through Phoebe I will be able to excel in my passion for primary care and practice full spectrum Family Medicine. 

In my free time, I love spending quality time with my family & friends, baking desserts, playing Nintendo, and watching Disney movies!

Kirti Chakote, MD

Class of 2025, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I was born in Staten Island and raised in Long Island, NY. Blessed to be raised by primary care physicians, I was taught very early the principles of service to those underprivileged and the joy for being a patient’s gatekeeper of their health.

I knew that I wanted to be a great family medicine physician from a young age! To achieve this goal, I was fortunate to be accepted to the Leadership in Medicine Program, a BS/MBAH/MD program with Union College, Clarkson University Business School, and Albany Medical College, in upstate New York.

Outside of work, I am an avid sports fan (mainly college/professional basketball and football - Go NY Knicks and Philadelphia Eagles!) and like to engage in all types of intramural sports/fitness.

Soraya Djadjo, MD

Class of 2025, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa. My family moved to the US after I completed high school. My undergraduate education was at Georgia State University and graduate education at Ross University School of Medicine.

I chose Phoebe because I wanted to train in a smaller town and an unopposed program. The town is warm and welcoming and you truly get to experience the southern hospitality and be part of the Phoebe family.

Outside of medicine, I love to eat (definitely not cook), play video games and participate in pretty much any outdoor activity with friends and family.

Joseph Elphingstone, MD

Class of 2025, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

Growing up with a sibling with special needs, I developed an interest in medicine early in life; the numerous concerns my parents expressed at doctors’ visits piqued an interest in anatomy, physiology, the puzzle of diagnosis, and the hope of providing relief to my brother. However, it wasn’t until later in my educational journey that I truly appreciated the complicated nature of providing coordinated care for complex patients, such as my brother. The frustration experienced by my family inspired me to pursue a path that would allow me to promote and foster holistic and collaborative care, and what better field to pursue this than family medicine?

I spent my childhood in Calhoun, Georgia. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Biology from Tusculum College in East Tennessee, where I was on the men’s tennis squad all four years. From there I pursued my academic curiosities for stem cell biology at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, where I studied osteoarthritis and cartilage biology. I then returned to Georgia to obtain my medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia.

I chose Phoebe for my Family Medicine training for the vast educational opportunities this opposed program offers, to serve the medically underserved in Southwest Georgia, the ability to stay [relatively] close to my family, the low cost of living, and the proximity to numerous major cities and beaches. Outside of the hospital, you can find me working out in the gym, serving it up on the tennis court, or experimenting with cooking and illustration.

Edwina Henry, MD

Class of 2025, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I was born in Jamaica and grew up in Kingston, the capital city. I am the seventh of ten children. I ventured to the other side of the country, where I received my bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from the Northern Caribbean University. Shortly after college, my family and I migrated to the US. I worked as a health information specialist for one year before heading back to the Caribbean to pursue my medical studies at the American University of Antigua.

It was during my clinical rotations that I recognized my passion for Family Medicine. I realized that I find it appealing to manage patients of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds focusing on preventive medicine and holistic health. Nurturing long-term relationships with patients is the most attractive part of medicine to me. In choosing a program, it was important that I will be serving the underserved population. Phoebe Family no doubt embodies the qualities that I was looking for. Not only is the program unopposed, the diversity of the faculty members and residents along with the complexity of the patient presentation are some of the few qualities that attracted me to this program. To top it off I was impressed with my interview, though it was virtual there was something about each and every interviewer that made me realize that I definitely want to be a part of this team. I could see how friendly and warm the faculty and residents are which is a huge factor for me. I am humbled to be a part of this team. I am already amazed by the huge support that I have been receiving from my fellow co-residents.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy painting, hanging out with family and drinking boba, doing DIY projects, gardening, juicing, and traveling.

Thanh Huynh, MD

Class of 2025, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I am a Georgia native and knew that family medicine was my calling because I always wanted to help others, but to also be challenged on a daily basis.

I pursued my medical degree at Ross University School of Medicine. I knew the Phoebe Family Medicine Residency program was right for me during my sub-internship as a medical student. They provided a supportive and welcoming environment where I was fortunate to be taught by residents and faculty. The program is unopposed which means I get access to a plethora of patients and procedures. It is my honor and privilege to be a resident at this program. 

Some of my hobbies/interests are cooking, weight lifting, DIY projects, and spending time with family and friends.

Brian Ritcher, MD

Class of 2025, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I have spent most of my life in Wisconsin where I raised my children and have had two careers before concluding that I wanted to pursue Medicine. In my early adult life, I was in food services, holding a management position. I then spent 10 years in construction remodeling homes. My previous work experience has formed me as a person, I have gained a good sense of work ethic and a strong urge to always learn more.

Throughout my life I have witnessed family members struggle with health conditions ranging from Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and acute health complications. I didn’t enjoy the feeling of helplessness; I didn’t know enough to offer any substantial help. I decided to do something about that by obtaining my medical degree. My hope is that through family medicine I will be able to help guide patients through their health struggles and guide them in ways to sustain good health.

I started my education with an associates degree in business management from Edgewood College. I continued my education by earning a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin. During my time at the University of Wisconsin I worked as a CNA at the UW Hospital in Madison Wisconsin, which allowed me to see the innerworkings of the healthcare industry and fueled my passion to continue my education. I went on to earn my M.D from Saint George University.

The Phoebe residency program caught my eye initially because it is in a rural area, and I know how much rural areas need physicians. I wanted to contribute to the community in a meaningful way. After meeting some of the physicians through the interview process, I learned how focused they are on educating and preparing me for success.

When I am not hitting the books I enjoy spending time with my family, a good round of golf, and martial arts.

Brittney Thomas, DO

Class of 2025, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I was born and raised here in Albany Georgia, completed my undergraduate degree at The University of Georgia . I received my masters from Hampton University in Hampton, Virgina. I completed my medical school career in Auburn, Alabama at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Choosing Family medicine and coming to Albany was the easiest decision to make. It honestly was a full circle moment once I learned I had matched here at Phoebe. I have always envisioned myself working in an underserve area similar to the one I grew up in, so I feel honored to be able to give back specifically to MY OWN COMMUNITY.  Phoebe also stood out to me among other programs due to its diverse population I would have the ability to treat which will allow me to practice full scope family medicine on top of being  in an unopposed program.  I am very confident that once I graduate, I will have all the skills I need to be a successful competent family practice physician .

In my free time I enjoy cheering on my beloved Georgia Bulldogs, GO DAWGS,  I am a Harry Potter enthusiast, and love spending time with my family!


Class of 2024 Residents

Irenna Agazie, MD

Class of 2024, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, the youngest of a close-knit family of 9. It was there that I learned my work ethic, watching my parents work non-stop 6 days a week. After studying Biochemistry at the University of Lagos, I moved to College Park, Georgia, where I studied Neuroscience and graduated from Georgia State University. The desire to go to medical school was born out of my personal experience growing up in an underserved community. I was driven by a passion to bridge the gap between doctors and communities like the one where I grew up, where many had some mistrust of modern medicine. What better way to achieve that goal than becoming a family physician! I decided to attend medical school at the Medical College of Georgia in Athens at the Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership, where I graduated in May 2021. My decision to come to Albany GA is due in part to the resilience that people here have demonstrated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. I was also struck by my experience interviewing with the family medicine residency program; it made it feel like Albany GA was one giant family, where the residents are supported in every way possible during their training and beyond. I look forward to working together with this family to serve our community. Outside medicine, I love to spend time with my wife and two children. My hobbies include soccer, tennis (regular and table), photography, and learning new computer technologies.

Uchechi Aguwa, MD

Class of 2024, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I obtained my medical education from the College of Medicine University of Nigeria, after which I worked in an underserved part of Nigeria for several years before immigrating to the United States to reunite with my family. My motivation to become a family physician comes from a desire to care for people of all ages, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. I hope to provide quality patient care to patients in rural, minority and underserved communities of which Albany is one. While preparing for residency, I had the opportunity to serve as a Population Manager for Albany Area Primary Healthcare (AAPHC) and as a Clinic Liaison for the Georgia Colorectal Cancer Control Program (GCRCCP). These experiences further fueled my interest in preventive medicine, and I have learned firsthand that early detection and timely interventions are key to improving patient outcomes. I enjoy spending time with my husband and 3 charming boys. I also like cooking, baking, and traveling.

Xavier Capalla, MD

Class of 2024, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I was born in the Philippines and spent my early childhood in the city of Iloilo. Both of my parents were nurses there as well as many other relatives in my family. We came to the United States in the mid 1990’s, first settling in Chicago before eventually making our way to the small town of Ellsworth right in the center of rural Kansas. My upbringing was unique in the sense that I got the complete rural experience in the American Heartland (complete with fishing, shooting, hunting, and baseball) while still growing up within a Filipino household. My sister Scintilla’s diagnosis with osteosarcoma in her senior year of high school really pushed me to become more interested in a career within medicine. I was accepted to the University of Kansas School of Medicine where I completed my medical degree. Though my sister passed away midway through my second year, the experience nevertheless made me more aware of the unique role health professionals play in some of the worst situations a human being can experience. This was truly humbling and strengthened my resolve to be a better human being while working to be the best physician I can be. The 2020 interview season was difficult due to COVID-19 and all interviews taking place virtually. What really struck me about Phoebe’s Family Medicine residency, however, was how honest the directors and residents were about the program’s strengths and challenges. I wanted an unopposed family medicine residency program where instructors were willing to invest in my education and development. As a first generation American, I wanted the opportunity to work within a diverse community. I believe Phoebe and the city of Albany, Georgia offered me an excellent opportunity to not only learn, but to serve and grow as a person. I have a broad range of interests ranging from sporting clays (shotgun shooting) to tabletop board games (which I continue to play with friends from all over the United States and the rest of the world through the internet). I really enjoy the outdoors and I hope to get the opportunity to fish and hunt in Georgia.

Jithin George, MD

Class of 2024, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I was born in India and moved to United States in 2009. I attended at Temple University in Philadelphia for undergraduate studies where I majored in Biology. After that, I completed my medical school at Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica. I completed my clinical rotations in California, New York, and Maryland. I love Family Medicine because of its emphasis on continuity of high-quality care, disease prevention as well as the opportunity to build strong lifelong relationship with my patients. I selected Phoebe Family Medicine residency program because it is an unopposed program, and everyone were welcoming and supportive. I am confident that Phoebe program will provide me with an excellent training in the field of Family Medicine. I am excited and honored to be a part of the Phoebe Family Medicine team Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, cooking, and playing cricket.

Shivan Patel, MD

Class of 2024, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I grew up in Long Beach, California. I finished my undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley with a major in Molecular and Cell Biology and minored in Global Poverty. During my studies, I took an interest in HIV prevention research. This interest led me to work slums in my parent’s hometown, Surat, India. I continued HIV prevention work for a few years after graduating at California State University, Long Beach. However, the most impactful experience that confirmed my decision to go into medicine was working for The Suitcase Clinic, a UC Berkeley and UCSF student/resident-run free clinic in Berkeley, California. I saw how medicine cut through socio-economic barriers to healthcare and kept the homeless and less fortunate in Berkeley on their feet when they had inadequate access to healthcare. I knew I wanted a skillset to help those in need of basic healthcare in order to survive, treat those with suffering from disease, and prevent disease. I was determined that a Family Medicine Residency would help me get these skills. The Phoebe Putney Family Medicine Residency made me feel the most supported out of the programs I considered. Additionally, my sister resides in Decatur, Georgia, where I worked on COVID-19 Vaccine and treatment clinical trials for before starting residency. Most of my extended family reside close by in North, Carolina. I am very excited to be here in Albany and honored to be a Phoebe Putney Family Medicine Resident.

Michael Sonntag, DO

Class of 2024, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I am originally from New jersey, but I grew up in a small town in Florida called Sebastian. I grew up in a single parent household where I was raised by my mother with two siblings, a younger sister, and an older brother. I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a physician but did not know at the time what physician I wanted to be. I received my bachelor’s degree in biology from Indian River State College. I then attended Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Auburn, Alabama and after numerous family medicine rotations I realized my passion for family medicine. I enjoyed the physician patient relationship and the relationship between the family of those patients. Family medicine allows me to treat patients from the pediatric to the geriatric while instilling my values of preventative medicine and empowering patients with the ability to understand and manage their own health. When I first heard about Phoebe Family Medicine Residency, I did an audition rotation and worked with various residents and attendings and in that month, I got a sense of the value and caring that Phoebe put into its residents. It was at this point I knew Phoebe was the program for me. With a diverse patient population and being an unopposed residency in addition to recognizing my unique Osteopathic knowledge, I knew I would be getting a diverse and quality training at Phoebe Family Medicine Residency. My goal is to have a full scope practice in a medically underserved and rural population with my brother who is also a resident at Phoebe. I believe this program will allow me to achieve that goal.

Michelle Wilson, MD

Class of 2024, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I am a Nigerian-American, born and raised in Miami, FL. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dedicated my life to helping and serving others. Becoming a medical doctor was the greatest contribution I could do for those in my community. I was the first person accepted into the Medical Scholars Program, an 8-year pipeline curriculum between Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and Florida Atlantic University. The program was designed to recruit students out of high school who were committed to becoming medical doctors. It was during medical school I discovered my love for Family Medicine. The versatility that exists in this specialty coincides with my caring personality. During my third year I researched many residency programs and fell in love with Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. The program values resident wellness and emphasized camaraderie among the team. Although communicating during a pandemic was not easy, I was reassured after I completed my virtual interview with Phoebe that I knew this is where I wanted to be! In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family, watching my favorite tv shows, and cooking.


Class of 2023 Residents

Krystal Archer, MD

Class of 2023, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

My interest in medicine sparked at the age of 15 when I volunteered at North Lake Medical Center in Tucker, Ga as a volunteen. I was initially just curious about the patient-physician relationship, but soon learned I got more than I bargained for and after that summer I was determined to become a physician. I went to Georgia State University for undergraduate and majored in Biology while attending the Honors College and completed an Honors Research Thesis in Neuroscience. As an undergraduate, I used my spare time to volunteer in underserved communities and with organizations that focused on promoting preventative medicine and wellness. I received my medical training from the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) in Augusta, Georgia. During medical school, I took the initiative to establish the Public Health and Preventative Medicine Student Organization to engage medical students in the community while targeting local health disparities through interdisciplinary efforts with other medical professionals. These early experiences cultivated within me a desire to serve medically disadvantage populations, so when I had to decided where I wanted to serve my third and fourth clinical years, I chose MCG’s Southwest Regional Campus in Albany, Ga. During my third year I completed my family medicine rotation at Phoebe Family Medicine Residency. It was during this rotation that I cultivated my passion for Family Medicine as I enjoyed addressing the acute, chronic, and preventative concerns of my patients both in the hospital and clinic. I desired to complete my residency at Phoebe because during my rotation I appreciated the cordial and effective collaboration exemplified between the residents and their attendings. Regardless of the work load or the stress level, everyone was a team player and a strong sense of comradeship was always felt, even amongst other physicians in various departments. Also, this residency provided a strong learning environment that focused on my interest of practicing full-spectrum medicine in a rural/medically underserved community. Additionally, I valued the overwhelming support and belief the faculty places in each resident and the commitment to helping each of them achieve their goals. I am enthusiastic that I have chosen to return to serve this community as a physician and look forward to a fulfilling career in primary care and public health.

Vadley Faugue, MD

Class of 2023, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

After leaving Haiti at the age of twelve, I migrated to Miami, FL. Influenced by my health academy program in high school; I obtained an undergraduate degree with a major in exercise science from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. I remained in Tallahassee for a few years post-undergrad as a community-based research assistant for the Center on Better Health and Life for Underserved Populations and as a medical assistant at the North Florida Regional Thyroid Center. Both experiences had a tremendous impact on my journey and served as a catalyst for my entry into medicine. I also worked with excellent mentors who guided me in the right direction. I later attended Ross University School of Medicine on the island of Dominica to continue my medical education. While completing my clinical rotations in the United States, I completed a sub-internship here at Phoebe. My experience with the family medicine program was overwhelmingly positive; the attendings and residents were supportive and ready to teach. The faculty and staff were welcoming. It truly felt like a natural fit. I am eager to continue my medical education here at Phoebe and provide care for the people of Southwest Georgia.

Sheldon Herbert, MD

Class of 2023, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I am Canadian and have lived a majority of my life in New England and Georgia. Shortly after moving to Georgia, I began to attend Georgia Gwinnett College. I later attended a Master’s program at the University Of South Florida Morsani College Of Medicine. Shortly following my time in Florida, I made the decision to attend Ross University School of Medicine. A strong physician-patient relationship is what drew me towards family medicine. I enjoy getting to know my patients and their family members. I am a firm believer in preventive medicine and treating the patient as a whole. I want to inspire my patients to take control of their health. The ability to treat a patient, multiple family members and manage their care is why I became a physician. I am proud to be beginning my career at Phoebe. I After visiting Albany, I knew I wanted to become a member of the Phoebe Family. The residents and faculty where dedicated to serving the community. There seemed to be a small town feel to the city and that famous southern charm. I can picture myself settling in and making Dougherty County my home.

Joshua Kinsey, DO

Class of 2023, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I have lived in many various locations from Grovetown, Georgia to South Korea due to growing up in a military household. After my father retired from the military, I spent the rest of my childhood in Dacula, Georgia. I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology at the one and only University of Georgia in 2012, and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant through the Army ROTC program at UGA. I joined the Georgia Army National Guard and served for several years as a Medical Evacuation Platoon Leader before starting medical school at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. Surviving through various trials and tribulations, I graduated from medical school and now I am excited to start my residency training at the illustrious Family Medicine program at Phoebe. Outside of medicine, I may be seen eating at Albany’s various dining establishments, or I may be seen running throughout the beautiful city to burn the calories from eating at said establishments!

Miriam Onyegbula, MD

Class of 2023, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I was born and raised in the Southern part of Nigeria. In 2007, I immigrated with my family to Eatonton Georgia. I attended Georgia College & State University for my undergrad where I majored in biology and minored in chemistry. Through out college and a year later, I worked as an after school tutor at an elementary school and then later matriculated at Ross University School of medicine where I obtained my doctor of medicine degree. I completed all my clinical rotations in New York. I’ve been fortunate to serve and experience healthcare in different populations and this makes me appreciate the role a family medicine physicians plays in every community. My passion for medicine goes back to recognizing that a simple annual visit with a primary care physician can make a big difference. My dad died when I was 13 years old from a preventable cause and over the years I have come to find out that far too many times, people in small communities are impacted the most because their health issues are only addressed when the symptoms of their disease manifest to such extreme cases. This is one of the reasons I was drawn to family medicine in my clinical years in medical school. I wanted the opportunity to be able to care for individuals from all age groups while emphasizing on preventive health. I choose Phoebe because I knew without a doubt that I would get the best training being that it is an unopposed program. I also like the atmosphere here. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming and I don’t take that lightly. Outside of medicine I am a wife and mother to two adorable and energetic boys. I cherish spending time with my family, playing with my boys or just watching any kind of comedy show with my husband. I also love to travel and visit historical sites and on the weekends I love to meal prep and plan our meals for the following week.

Juan Serna-Gonzalez, DO

Class of 2023, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I was born in Colombia and lived most of my childhood there. I moved to Chicago, Illinois at the age of ten with my mother and brother. It was here where I learned English, attended middle school, and part of high school. Given that Chicago was extremely cold, my family sought refuge from the windy city in the warm beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Here I finished out my high school and went on to get my Bachelor of Science from the Florida State University, GO NOLES. Prior to medical school, I worked at a level 2 trauma center in Miami, Florida as a scribe. It was this experience that led me to not only meet some amazing people but also continue to fuel my passion for medicine. Fast forward two years and all of a sudden, I found myself a medical student of Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Auburn, Alabama. While I spent my first two years of medical training in Auburn, my last two years of training were spent in Valdosta, GA training under the wonderful staff of South Georgia Medical Center. On days when I’m not plopped in front of a computer reading or watching Youtube, I like to go on runs, workout, watch Netflix, or play with my dogs (a lab mix and a bulldog mix, just in case you were wondering). The reason I chose Phoebe out of all the other places I interviewed, was the friendliness of the residents and rest of the faculty that really made me feel at home when I visited. Not only that, they sent me a really nice Christmas card. I’m excited to be here in Albany and look forward to being part of this wonderful community.

Joseph Sonntag, DO

Class of 2023, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

I am originally from New Jersey but lived in a small town called Sebastian Florida most of my life. I am the oldest of 3 siblings, a younger sister and a younger brother. Much of my work ethic and values comes from growing up in a single parent family home and watching my mother work multiple jobs to support our family. I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be a physician and never wavered from that goal, everything I did from elementary school forward was in pursuit of that goal. I attended the University of Florida in Gainesville where and earned an undergraduate degree in Biology and next earning a master’s degree in clinical exercise physiology also from the University of Florida. During my master’s program is where I learned about osteopathic medical schools and their philosophy of treating the patient in a holistic manner. Osteopathic medical school also emphasizes musculoskeletal function which was very appealing to me as I am a big proponent of encouraging healthy lifestyle choices and exercise to prevent or lessen the extent of common diseases. I then attended the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Auburn Alabama where I had numerous family medicine rotations which made my specialty choice clear. Growing up I always imagined being a doctor who could treat children, adults, and elderly patients while having a good connection to the community. I did not realize it at the time, but I was describing family medicine. I have the ability to connect with patients on a personal level and convey my sincere desire to make them better which makes family medicine perfect for me. I remember a few patients I saw as a medical student who requested to see me instead of the doctors due to my compassion and caring nature. When applying for family medicine residencies, I knew that I wanted a program that would enable me to practice full scope family medicine and allow me to treat even the most complex patients. When I interviewed with the Phoebe Family Medicine Residency Program, I felt at home and the treatment I received was second to none. I figured if the program was treating me so well as an applicant, I could not imagine how well they must treat their residents. I knew I would get very good quality and diverse training at the Phoebe Family Medicine Residency Program and would have the support from the top down needed to succeed in the difficult residency years. I hope to own my own practice in the future along with my brother who is a current 4th year medical student and currently applying to the Phoebe Family Medicine Residency Program. It is my dream to open up a full scope family practice clinic in a rural community with limited access to quality healthcare, I know it will not be easy but I am confident the training at Phoebe will make my dream a reality.

Isaac Su, MD

Class of 2023, Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

Hi I’m Isaac Su and I grew up in Orange County, California. My dad was an OB/GYN and from a very young age I knew I wanted to do medicine like him. I went to his alma mater, UCLA, and studied Psychobiology which gave me a deeper understanding for the biological basis of behavior. As fun as the stats classes and lectures on Pavlovian learning were, the most memorable class I had at UCLA had to be “ornithology”, the study of birds. For our final exam, my teacher played mp3s of bird calls from his laptop (KAKAWWWW!! KAAWWW?? KAW KAW KAW) and we were given 30 seconds to write down the species with extra points for genus and family. I ended up getting a B, you know, for bird. After UCLA, I took some time off and spent 6 months in Taiwan learning Mandarin Chinese and every cool Asian kid’s favorite pastime: street dance. Having spent my entire life growing up as a minority, it was pretty eye-opening finally being in an environment where everyone looked exactly like me. It gave me a much greater appreciation of my culture (the food, the language, the history, etc.) and made me much prouder of my Taiwanese heritage. It was here I developed a lifelong passion for funk music, urban streetwear clothing brands (Stussy, Supreme, Air Jordan), and beef noodle soup. A few weeks after flying back from Taipei, I got on a flight to Indianapolis to begin my long-awaited medical school training at Indiana University. I will never forget the goosebumps I had when I discovered that on an entire flight of over 100 passengers, I was the only one who was not Caucasian. It was then I realized the diversity I grew up with in California was the exception, rather than the rule. My first year in Indiana, I was lucky enough to endure the “winter of the century” and my first exposure to negative degree wind chill. Despite the adversity, I graduated with a M.D. and an invaluable life lesson – as much as the weather, food, politics, and people may change across borders, evidence-based medicine, the pursuit of academic excellence, and the genuine desire to help and heal others do not. On March 5th, 2019, my life forever changed when my dad, my best friend and single person who I probably talked to the most in my entire 30 year existence, passed away. Watching him lose his entire left side to a stroke before succumbing to an uncal herniation on his 60th birthday, I realized I wanted to help others avoid the pain I had felt of losing a loved one too soon. While still passionate about delivering babies as my dad had, I now felt a calling to help patients make the tough daily decisions required to thwart the progression of chronic disease. Given its distinctive intersection between preventive health and obstetrics, no other specialty seemed more suited to fulfill that goal than family medicine. Finally, the reason I chose Phoebe is because Phoebe chose me during a time when I felt completely lost and hopeless. They were the first program to call me personally to invite me to an interview and what’s more Dr. Fricks, our amazing program director, personally wrote me a handwritten letter offering his condolences for my father. He encouraged me to stay hopeful and most importantly of all, to not give up. During my darkest and toughest moments, Dr. Fricks was there for me, as an applicant living over 2000 miles away. While I could go on and on, I feel I’ve already shared too much. What I can tell you now is that I am the happiest I have been since starting my medical training over 7 years ago and that this program is truly a special and amazing place. That being said, please come and see for yourself.