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Simulation Center

The Phoebe Simulation and Innovation Center is one of the finest medical simulation labs in Georgia. Normally, centers this large and advanced are found only at large universities, not hospitals. The Center gives staff the confidence and competence they need to provide safe and outstanding care to our patients.

Sim Lab

The Phoebe Simulation and Innovation Center features the latest technology in high-fidelity medical mannequins. Staff throughout our health system utilize the center year-round for realistic training that enhances the quality of care we are able to provide.

It is an incredible investment in patient safety and workforce development.

The simulation center, set up to emulate the actual facilities in which Phoebe staff work, contains classrooms, offices, and multiple training rooms including:

  • Operating/trauma room
  • Traditional hospital room
  • Intensive care unit room
  • Labor and delivery suite that contains a neonatal intensive care unit

With the Simulation and Innovation Center, we are able to do everything from allowing a novice nurse to practice inserting a peripheral intravenous line to simulating a difficult premature birth for an entire labor and delivery and NICU team.

By allowing staff to train using simulation, they are in a ‘safe’ environment that helps improve their clinical competency and confidence in delivering safe, quality healthcare which will improve patient safety and reduce healthcare costs.