TRAFFIC Detours and Parking Updates around Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

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Inside Phoebe - Helipad

Phoebe’s new helipad is located directly adjacent to the main emergency center. Previously, emergency helicopters landed a block away on an athletic field behind Phoebe HealthWorks, and patients were transported to and from the landing zone by ambulance.

Inside Phoebe - Hybrid OR

Phoebe provides our region’s largest and most advanced surgical facilities. We recently upgraded one of our operating rooms to become our second hybrid OR.  See this high-tech operating suite in action.

Inside Phoebe - Emergency Cardiac Care Center

In May 2021, Phoebe's main hospital became the first in south Georgia to earn state designation as an emergency cardiac care center, recognizing the quality, lifesaving cardiac care available at Phoebe.

Inside Phoebe - Specialty Pharmacy

At Phoebe, we constantly look for innovative ways to serve our patients better. Our specialty pharmacy is a new way we’re helping patients with serious or chronic diseases manage their illnesses and save money on expensive prescriptions.

Inside Phoebe - Mobile Clinics

Our Mobile Wellness Clinics are on the road, bringing better health to rural and underserved areas of southwest Georgia. Generous donors to Phoebe Foundation made this vital investment possible. Go Inside Phoebe to see the mobile clinics in action.

Inside Phoebe - Mobile Clinics Ribbon Cutting

Gov. Brian Kemp helped cut the ribbon on Phoebe’s two mobile wellness clinics. These full-service clinics on wheels are taking healthcare services directly to people in rural communities and underserved neighborhoods across the region to make real improvements in the health and wellness of our communities.

Inside Phoebe - ER Renovations

We know long waits in the ER are frustrating. We’ve taken steps to make your next visit to our main emergency center quicker, safer and more efficient. We’ve renovated our space, overhauled our processes and opened a new observation unit all to improve our emergency patients’ experience at Phoebe.

Inside Phoebe - Simulation & Innovation Center

Phoebe Simulation and Innovation Center is one of the finest medical simulation labs in Georgia. Normally, centers this advanced are found only at large universities, not hospitals. It is already paying dividends, giving new nurses the confidence and competence they need to provide safe and outstanding care to our patients.