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Phoebe COVID-19 Statistics

Last Updated: 6/2/2023

COVID positive patients in hospital
0 0 0
Albany Sumter Worth
ICU Patients
Patients on ventilator
Percentage of positive patients not fully vaccinated and boosted
Average age of positive patients not fully vaccinated or boosted
Average age of positive vaccinated patients


The COVID-19 information on this website reflects Phoebe patients only.


We continue to monitor both the community infection rate and vaccination rate and adjust our visitation guidelines as needed. For the latest visitation guidelines, please click here. For the latest COVID-19 updates or to schedule a vaccination appointment, click here.


COVID-19 Inpatient Health System Trends

Phoebe COVID Census Trends Graph

COVID-19 Outpatient Positivity Rate

Phoebe COVID Trends Outpatient Positiviity Graph

Inpatient Age Group

Phoebe COVID Trends Age Graph

Inpatient Gender

Phoebe COVID Gender Pie Graph

Inpatient Ethnicity

Phoebe COVID Ethnicity Pie Graph

Inpatient County of Residence

Phoebe COVID Trends County Graph.png


Percentage of Positive COVID-19 Tests

The Georgia Department of Public Health shares comprehensive COVID-19 testing data daily, including the rolling 7-day average of the percentage of COVID-19 tests that yield positive results. The percentages change daily and can be narrowed to the county of residence for a more localized view of virus spread.

View Georgia’s latest data


Community Vaccines Administered

The Georgia Department of Public Health shares comprehensive COVID-19 vaccination data daily, including data by county. To view this data, please click the button below and use the “Filter Data by County” option in the top right of the page.

View Georgia’s latest data