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Financial Assistance Screening

Medical bills are often an unexpected expense, but financial assistance is available to help many who may qualify. Phoebe has made applying for assistance easier than ever with the MAPS-Clear portal!

Screen Yourself Today!

Through the portal you can access tools to screen you and your family for assistance programs, to sign application forms and to provide documentation.

Enter this ( into any web browser or scan the QR-code below with your phone.

Need assistance? Call our team:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Patients often ask us:

The The portal is a web-based patient screening tool that will collect a little information about you and your household to determine what programs you may be eligible for. We collect information about previous and current applications, your household members, the household income and resources. This will either prompt you to sign a Financial Assistance (FA) form for review or will guide you to reach out to one of our Medicaid specialists.

That is OK! Most questions are not required but we do need to know some of the information to provide an accurate potential eligibility assessment. If a question is required it will have an asterisk (*) next to it and if you skip the question, it will prompt you to complete it.

Our goal is to get the application process started and to provide you a quick and easy way to do so!

When you have already worked with one of our financial counselor or team members, we send you an email to complete the process. We will let you know this email is coming as you are on the phone with us completing your screening process. This email will help us to collect the remaining information needed to close your application for a decision.

When you get the email, it will have a link to launch the portal. That will then request you provide a little information about yourself so we can ensure that it is you! If you can authenticate from those fields you will be routed to the next step in process.

If this is AFTER a screening with our counselors the dashboard will note what you need to upload (images) or what we need you to sign. The dashboard has file search and upload buttons. More on how to add image file(s) below.

If you received this email before you have completed the portal screening or a screening with our team you may be taken to the portal screening after you have authenticated yourself. Follow the prompts, enter the information and see if you are potentially eligible.

After you have authenticated yourself from the email link and on the portal, you will be sent to the Portal Dashboard. Here you will see three steps. Step 1 is the imaging upload.

Your first step is to click on “Choose files”. When you click this button the following may happen:

- If you are on a computer, it will open your file directory.
- If you are on a smart phone or table, it may open your camera roll, image gallery or image folder or even option to use your camera.

Navigate to find the image you want to upload, click on “Add”. If you find yourself in the camera mode, take a picture of the document and then click on “Add”.

These documents should appear on screen. The file name will appear.

Then click on “Upload”. That will send the images to the Phoebe team for review!

You can upload the following image types: .pdf, .png, .jpg/.jpeg, and .tif/.tiff files from your PC - and images from your camera roll on your phone.

The larger the image the longer it will take to upload. An upload dialog bar will appear as the file processes. MAPS-Clear does limit the file size upload to 40MB but we suggest uploading files under 5MB for optimal upload and processing.

This could be a variety of issues and it would be our pleasure to help you. If you are having difficulties accessing the portal, the verification process, or have general questions please call our team at 229-312-4220 or 1-866-514-0015.