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The Nursing Crisis in Georgia

The COVID-19 pandemic only worsened an already critical shortage of nurses across the United States. The problem is especially severe in Georgia, where the state has a low rate of nurses per capita and experts predict a shortfall of 80,000 nurses by 2032. This unsustainable trend requires a bold and visionary response. Phoebe has become a nationwide leader in healthcare workforce development, and the Living & Learning Community is a centerpiece of Phoebe’s efforts to work with regional education partners to vastly expand the pipeline of nurses and other healthcare professionals in southwest Georgia.


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Crisis by the Numbers

Top Reasons to become a Nurse:

  • Positively Impact Patient Lives
  • Great Pay & Solid Job Security
  • Flexible Work Schedules

“I became a nurse to help people in some of the most vulnerable times of their lives. As my nursing career evolved, I now have the opportunity to help others fulfill their dreams and become the best nurse they can be. Nursing was my calling, and I am blessed to be a part of this amazing profession.”

– Cheryl Everson, Phoebe Nurse Manager & Albany Technical College Nursing Instructor