TRAFFIC Detours and Parking Updates around Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

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Access to Phoebe Improves as City Sewer Project Progresses

Albany, GA | December 20, 2023 – LATEST TRAFFIC DETOUR UPDATE ...

Crews working on the City of Albany’s combined sewer separation project on Jefferson Street are wrapping up the most critical phase of the project and are prepared to reopen some areas to traffic.  The upcoming traffic shift will make it easier to get to Phoebe’s emergency center and the main entrances to the hospital and medical towers.

Work in the 4th Avenue intersection that leads to the ER will be complete this week and the work zone will move north to the 5th Avenue intersection.  City officials expect to reopen 4th Avenue as the primary route to the ER on Thursday evening.  They also plan to fully reopen Jefferson Street from 2nd Avenue to 4th Avenue, providing an additional route to the ER and easier access to the public entrances to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital and the Phoebe Medical Towers.

Southbound traffic on Jefferson Street will still be detoured at 7th Avenue and northbound traffic will be rerouted at Society Avenue, as has been the case since the project began.  Motorists should follow detour signs to avoid the construction zone and to get to the hospital.  With work completed on the section of Jefferson Street immediately adjacent to the Phoebe campus, traffic flow can return somewhat to normal in that area, alleviating some of the congestion and confusion faced by patients and visitors over the past four months.

“We are excited that the city continues to make progress on this vital sewer project and that the end is now in sight.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding, and we look forward to the day when the detours around our campus come to an end,” said Deb Angerami, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Chief Executive Officer.

The latest maps and information on detours and parking changes around Phoebe’s main campus are available here.