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Phoebe Vascular Surgeon Reaches National Milestone In Treatment of Dangerous Blood Clots

Albany, GA | April 4, 2023 – Phoebe Vascular Surgeon Dr. Daniel Martin recently performed his 100th clot removal procedure using the INARI Medical Flow Triever device.  Phoebe began offering the procedure in September 2021, and, according to INARI, Dr. Martin reached the 100th milestone faster than any other single physician in the country.  

“This procedure is a total game-changer for the treatment of pulmonary embolism (PE) and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).  Patients see immediate symptom relief,” Dr. Martin said.  “There’s a significant need for this treatment in our area, and I’m pleased that our outstanding team has had such great success with it.”  

Utilizing the INARI device to treat PE, a potentially deadly blood clot in the lungs, Dr. Martin typically inserts a catheter in through the groin and guides it into the lung to remove the blood clot.  In the past, PE patients were given blood thinners and kept in intensive care – often for weeks – until they improved.  More recently, physicians would insert a catheter into the lungs that would drip medicine to break up the clot.  Those patients would also need intensive inpatient care and would face a significant risk of potentially deadly bleeding.  

“This new procedure only takes 45 minutes.  There’s minimal risk of bleeding.  The patients don’t have to go to the ICU, and they usually spend just one night in the hospital.  Not only does it improve their respiratory rate, oxygenation level and pulse rate right away, it eliminates the long-term risk of pulmonary hypertension and heart failure,” Dr. Martin said.  

When used to treat DVT, a blood clot typically in the legs that causes severe leg pain and swelling, the INARI device is inserted from a small catheter behind the knee to remove all the clot from the leg.  Again, the procedure is less than 45 minutes, and the patients can go home within 6-24 hours.  There is immediate relief in most cases.  

Those at higher risk of PE or DVT include people who have recently had surgery, serious illness, or cancer.  Not moving for long periods, such as being on bed rest or taking a long plane flight, may also increase your risk of developing blood clots.  

Dr. Martin encourages anyone showing symptoms such as significant leg pain or swelling, acute dizziness, passing out, shortness of breath or chest pain to seek care immediately.  

“A blood clot in your lungs is life threatening, but it is more treatable than ever thanks to this new procedure,” Dr. Martin said.  “It’s a remarkable treatment, and we certainly want to provide it to anyone who needs it.”

PHOTO: Dr. Martin with the Phoebe Vascular Surgery team