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Albany Police Help Volunteer Ramp Builders

Albany, GA | Sept. 23, 2021  – Albany Police officers worked alongside Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) ramp builders Thursday to construct a wheelchair ramp for a south Albany man who was seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash. “They were wonderful,” ramp building crew coordinator Jim Hill said of the officers. “They’ve been a big help to us. They jumped right in there. They all wanted to participate, and they did a lot of nail-driving.”

The home required a 60-foot long ramp. That’s twice the average length of ramps the group typically builds, so the crew needed extra assistance. Six APD community service officers and one sergeant joined a dozen RSVP volunteers on the project.

RSVP is a joint effort by the SOWEGA Council on Aging and Phoebe.  Other than during the hottest part of the summer and the middle of winter, the ramp crew generally builds two ramps every week. “This was our second one after our summer break. Things slowed down a little lately because of COVID, but we hope to get back to doing ramps every Tuesday and Thursday,” Hill said.

Anyone in the Albany area who needs a wheelchair ramp at their home can request to be placed on the RSVP ramp list by calling the SOWEGA Council on Aging at 229-432-1124.