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Congressman Bishop Tours Phoebe Simulation & Innovation Center

Albany, GA | Feb. 15, 2021 – Rep. Sanford Bishop got an up-close look at the latest technology in medical simulation training Monday morning on a personal tour of the Phoebe Simulation and Innovation Center.  “I’ve heard so much about the center and what it means for southwest Georgia being on the cutting edge of healthcare.  I wanted to see it for myself, and I am impressed,” Congressman Bishop said.  “Phoebe is doing a tremendous job to improve the health of people in our area.”

The 22,000 square foot center opened last May on the fifth floor of Medical Tower II on Phoebe’s main campus and serves as a hands-on training hub for Phoebe employees, as well as area students.  “It goes well beyond the walls of this hospital.  We work with educational partners to allow their students to train here, and we want students as young as middle and elementary school to be able to see the technology here to spark their interest in healthcare careers,” said Scott Steiner, Phoebe Putney Health System President & CEO.  “It’s all about creating higher quality and safer care for the people of southwest Georgia, as well as attracting more people to jobs in healthcare, especially here at Phoebe.”

Rep. Bishop saw the wide variety of training opportunities available in the center.  He watched as a nursing student practiced inserting an intravenous line and also saw how surgical and intensive care teams can practice complex scenarios on lifelike, high-fidelity mannequins.  While the primary goal of the center is to improve patient safety, Bishop said he appreciated its potential contributions to workforce development in the region.  “In south Georgia, we have some of the most creative, innovative and ingenious people anywhere.  All they need is opportunity and resources,” Bishop said.

Phoebe leaders also discussed with Congressman Bishop how the health system will utilize two new mobile wellness clinics, the first of which is scheduled to be delivered this week.  Each health clinic on wheels contains two fully-equipped exam rooms, a waiting room and a lab.  “I’m passionate about bringing the best care to rural areas.  The communities that can be served by these units will be tremendously helped,” Bishop said.

Phoebe is investing $1 million in the two mobile units.  Phoebe leaders hope Congressman Bishop may be able to help secure grant funding to buy more units or to fund their annual operation.  “We are fulfilling a vision to take healthcare to where people are.  This will help make sure rural communities have access to quality care.  We believe each unit will be able to reach 10,000 patients per year,” Steiner said.

The first mobile wellness clinic will hit the road in the next several weeks, followed shortly by the second unit.  They will play an important role in Phoebe’s community vaccination efforts and will also bring primary and specialty care to rural communities and underserved neighborhoods throughout southwest Georgia.

PHOTO: (L-R) Larecia Gill, PhD, RN, Simulation & Innovation Center Manager; Rep. Sanford Bishop; Dianna Grant, MD, Phoebe Putney Health System Chief Medical Officer; and Tracy Suber, EdD, RN, Associate Vice President.