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Grace Davis

Albany, GA | March 11, 2020 – Grace Davis, MD, didn’t always want to be a pediatrician but at an early age she knew she wanted to work in healthcare in some fashion. Originally from Jamaica, Dr. Davis says as a child she loved going to the library and on her way she would pass a children’s hospital. “I remember looking in the window sometimes and seeing sick children. It just drew me to medicine and wanting to help.”

That desire to help others has stuck with Dr. Davis throughout her career as a pediatrician, and it’s what drew her to southwest Georgia.

Dr. Davis was finishing up her residency at Tampa General Hospital in Florida, when she saw news coverage on CNN about a flood in Albany. “I had never heard of Albany, Georgia, only Albany, New York. Then shortly after that I was trying to figure out where I was going to go after my residency, when a headhunter mentioned something about Albany, Georgia. I thought ok, I’ve heard about that place. I’ll take a look,” said Dr. Davis.

After seeing the need for a pediatric physician, Dr. Davis moved to Albany in 1995 and then two years later moved to Sylvester, where she has practiced general pediatrics and adolescent medicine for the past 22 years.

It seems only natural for Dr. Davis to serve on the Phoebe Worth Medical Center Board of Directors. She knows and understands the importance of having access to high-quality healthcare and, as a grandmother herself, ensuring that future generations have the same level of care. “Many children that I used to see are now moms and dads themselves, and I am treating their children, which can be helpful because I know their family background and that can really make a difference.”

She has worked closely with families, local schools and the Division of Family and Children Services to provide comprehensive pediatric care in rural communities. “Healthcare is very important, especially in adolescents and children,” added Dr. Davis.

Over the past few years, Dr. Davis has become more involved with teaching, from medical and nurse practitioner students to family practice residents. She enjoys having students in the office and working with them in a hospital setting. In 2017, the Medical College of Georgia honored Dr. Davis with a teaching excellence award, which she was selected by students for her expertise and passion in training the next generation of physicians.

Currently, Dr. Davis is a volunteer clinical instructor of pediatrics with Phoebe Family Medicine Residency Program, she is the department chair of pediatrics at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, the Chief of Staff at Phoebe Worth Medical Center and an advisory board member for Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center.

Dr. Davis sees first-hand the healthcare challenges in southwest Georgia, but she says by working together and being involved, we can overcome these obstacles and ensure communities, like Worth County, have access to the best healthcare possible.

We appreciate Dr. Davis’ commitment to our community and her dedication to improving the quality of life for the citizens of southwest Georgia.