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Meet Kash - Phoebe Foundation CMN Feature

Meet Kash

"I hope Kash’s story helps to inspire other preemie parents to know that although the road is tough our babies are fighters and with a great team like the NICU at Phoebe, anything is possible." - Ashley, Kash’s mom

On August 5th, 2014, Ashley went in for a visit to labor and delivery for sharp pains, having no idea it would turn into an indefinite stay in the hospital until her baby’s arrival. Ashley was already 2 centimeters dilated and the doctors wanted to take all necessary precautions for a healthy delivery. 3 weeks later Ashley’s water broke and Ashley was in labor.

Four days later Ashley she was in pain and her baby’s heart rate began to fluctuate. Her doctors decided it was time for her baby to come out and Ashley called her family to prepare them. Ashley was panicked, nervous, and scared as she was rushed into surgery for an emergency C-section.

Shaun, known as Kash by all his family and friends, entered the world on August 31st, weighing just 1 pound and 14 ounces. Kash was immediately rushed to the NICU and Ashley would not get to see him for the next 32 hours.

Ashley was warned by her doctor that there was a possibility Shaun would not live and if he was to live he would most likely have bleeding on the brain, speech issues, and other disabilities.

Each day moving forward was a test for Ashley and Kash. Ashley remembers the hardest things were not being able to hold Kash and seeing him hooked up to so much equipment to keep him alive.

On September 8th, Shaun had his first unit of blood which would be his first of 7 due to his anemia and low oxygen levels to start the process of weaning him off the ventilator. On September 29th Kash was taken off the ventilator, the first large step in the right direction.

The next day Ashley got to hold Kash for the first time.

“Kash is my miracle. He was so tiny he could fit in the palm of my hand. Watching my faith being tested at a new all-time high made me stronger. I never prayed as hard as I did for those three months in my life. To know that my baby was so innocent and fragile and fighting for his life daily gave me a reason to fight with and for him.” Ashley explained.

On October 16th, Kash had his first bottle. On October 17th, Ashley, “the breast feeding guru” as named by NICU nurse Mattie, got to breast feed Kash for the first time. Each day started to be another mile towards the marathon of going home. After 2 failed car seat tests, Kash finally passed on November 2nd. The night before Kash made it home he finally reached 6 pounds!

On November 19th, Kash was cleared to go home on oxygen and a heart monitor.

Santa came with the greatest Christmas gift ever - Kash was taken off of oxygen on December 23rd.

After Kash graduated from the NICU, he had to travel to Macon and Atlanta for more medical needs. Kash continues speech therapy and occupational therapy in Albany. Kash has asthma, but other than that is a very happy and healthy almost 5-year old that is very active and has a vibrant personality. Kash loves playing tee ball and swimming in the ocean.

Kash’s mom Ashley credits Phoebe’s NICU with allowing Kash to survive and thrive. “I hope Kash’s story helps to inspire other preemie parents to know that although the road is tough our babies are fighters and with a great team like the NICU at Phoebe, anything is possible.” Ashley expressed.

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