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Wellness Watch - Health and Fitness

Health & Fitness

Wouldn’t you like to end 2018 healthier and in better shape than you started the year? Sure, we all would. We know we need to eat right and exercise, and we often start a new year with plans to do just that. Too often, however, those aspirations quickly fade away. It doesn’t matter how good your wellness plan is if you don’t stick to it. Julian Maddox, Phoebe Wellness Account Executive has some advice to help you see real results.

Exercise Tips

  • Stretch and warm up and cool down properly

  • Start slowly and boost your activity level gradually

  • Don’t overdo it Training too hard can cause injuries

  • Stay hydrated

  • Don’t overheat in the south Georgia heat and humidity

  • Be consistent

  • Set realistic goals

Here is more advice to help you get started with an exercise plan and stick with it.

Here are exercises you can do at work.

Here are links to sites that can help you eat healthier in 2018.