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Meet Hannah - Phoebe Foundation CMN Feature

Meet Hannah

"Hannah had no clue painting in this new way would change her perspective on life and allow her to help others."

Hannah Croker was just fourteen years old when she was in a tragic car accident that left her paralyzed. Hannah’s world changed in an instant, as she woke up without the ability to walk, play sports, text and hang out with her friends, and hundreds of other everyday tasks we all take for granted. After Hannah returned to Southwest Georgia from being in Atlanta for a few months getting the medical care she needed, she started being admitted to Phoebe frequently.

Mandy Fagiano, Phoebe’s Child Life Specialist, was following Hannah’s story and praying for Hannah since the accident. “I felt like Hannah was a celebrity, and I couldn’t wait to meet her,” said Fagiano. When Mandy got word that Hannah was being admitted to Phoebe’s Pediatric Unit, she was so excited to become friends with Hannah and make her hospital stay more fun. When Mandy walked into the hospital room, Hannah was quiet, angry, and wanted nothing to do with Mandy. After trying everything to cheer Hannah up, Hannah finally told Mandy she would talk to her if she let her listen to Luke Bryan. After bonding with Hannah through country music, Mandy thought hard about what she could do with Hannah to bring her joy. Hannah was Mandy’s first quadriplegic patient, and she knew there had to be an activity they could do together in the hospital.

Mandy’s father is an artist, and he has a fellow artist friend who is paralyzed like Hannah. Her father’s friend inspired Mandy, and Mandy went into Hannah’s room and asked if she would want to try painting using her mouth. “I would look so stupid doing that,” Hannah said. “What if I do it with you?” Mandy asked.

The two started painting together and a special friendship formed. Hannah admits today that she only agreed to painting with Mandy because she thought Mandy would look funny doing it. Hannah had no clue painting in this new way would change her perspective on life and allow her to help others.

Hannah came back to Phoebe June 22, 2017 to present a painting she put up for auction on her Facebook page, Prayers for Hannah. The highest bidder paid over $120 for the painting, and Hannah donated all the proceeds to Children’s Miracle Network to benefit the Pediatric department at Phoebe.

Hannah’s experience with Mandy changed her life, and she wants to make sure other kids get to have this same experience during their hospital stay. “After a while, I figured out I could do stuff, just in different ways. It helps me cope and get over things. The more I paint, the better it gets,” Hannah expressed.

In addition to auctioning off her beautiful painting, Hannah asked for donations and toys for the Pediatric department at her birthday party a few weeks ago. For someone that has gone through so much and has so many needs – Hannah is always thinking of others and using her new talent to bring joy to other children in our community.

Hannah has completed over a dozen paintings and will continue to use her passion to make this world a better place. We are so lucky to have spent the afternoon with Hannah and we cannot wait to see all the amazing things she goes on to accomplish.

Watch Hannah’s news story here:

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