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Donor Recognition – Cumulative Donation

≥ $100,000

E. Scott and Paige Slappey*

Citizens Bank of Americus*

≥ $20,000


Robert and Jennifer Parks*

Fontis Water, Inc.*

Brandi and Todd Lunneborg*

Richard Dolder and Katharine Rizk

Milton and Lee Burge

Charles and Rebecca Pryor*

Robert and Rhonda Rainey*

Sandra Zornes and Terrell Templin*

Geoffrey and Carmen Pope*

Daniel and Nancy Martin*

Lisa Jordan

Jason and Catherine Williams*

Derek and Margaret Scott*

Ameris Bank

Gerald and Cheryl Davis*

Lee and Faith Pinnell*

Jonathan and Ashley Reckford*

James and Susan Dawsey*

Steve and Gita Berman*

G. Carl and Judy Tott*


≥ $10,000

Dale and Richard Lawson*

Terrence and Teresa DeWitt

Randolph and Amy Koporc

Kristin Collier*

Karl and Theresa Dockery

Brad and Mary Lafevers

Suresh and Elizabeth Lakhanpal

Andrew and Karen Edlin

Bardin and Hayden Hooks*

Randall and Mary Lou Allen

Rodney and Brandi Fickel

Christopher Maser and George Short IV

Neil and Kimia Amin

Jonathan and Donna Galucki

Timothy and Debra Mazur

Robert and Blake Ashe

Altin Gjymishka and Roxana Coman

Walter and Martha Mercer

Raymond and Susan Baggarly

David Greenberg and Richard Starcher

William and Prescilla Miller

Kathleen Barksdale

Howard and Lynne Halpern

Jay and Amanda Merritt*

Antonio and Julie Baute

Richard and Courtney Harris

Grant and Emily Mogan

Steve and Gita Berman

Matthew and Brittany Hartnett

Brendan and Jennifer Mullins

Daniel and Emma Carlon

Matthew and Amanda Hene

Maheshkumar and Nimitaben Patel

Jeffrey and Roxanne Cashdan

Alan and Sherri Herrick

Robert and Beth Paul

Paul and Wendy Chandler

Charles and Janice Izlar

George and Valerie Peterson

W. Scott and Mary Chappell

Leon and Michelle Jones

Chondra and Michael Myers

Michael and Marlene Cohn

Paul Kim and Jiyun Koo

Geoffrey and Carmen Pope

Michael and Syndee Daugherty

Patrick Sheehan and Elizabeth Johnston*

James and Christian Wayt

Matthew and Amy Richardson

Christopher Mann*

John and Polly White

Lawrence and Patricia Sale

Marion and Pamela Rivers*

Christopher and Claire Williams

John and Annika Cushnie

Joel and Lauren Tonge

James and Cynthia Misner

Neil and Kathleen Seeley

Joel and Rebecca Shannon

John and Kristen Wills

Ben and Susan Selman

Nicoloas Vasiloglou and Vicki Papanikolaou

Ortav and Meredith Yehudai

Jay Severa and Erica Mitchel

Kevin and Karen Derrick

Lee Evans*

Jeremy and Marissa Shedrow

Scott and Tracy Steiner

Paula Hill*

Andrew Gordon and Kimberly Perry

Jay and Kimberly Reid

Rushabh and Jagrutiben Patel

Ashley and Amanda Johnson

Khalid and Sarah Hayat

Sharad and Regina Virmani

Bret and Ellen Schiller

Lawrence and Courtney Sladich

Stewart and Karen Thigpen

David and Amy Winter

Mark and Donna Lane

Sung and Janice Lim

David and Marsha King

Philip and Haley Stone*

Vic and Divya Patel

Douglas Dean and Amy Sloan

Rayond and Susan Baggarly

Wayne and Elizabeth Yesbick

Evelyn and Stephan Olenick*

Richard Dolder

William and Tamara Powell*


> $10,000

Jaqueline Alridge

Drs. Steven and Kay Kitchen*

Katherine Salvador and Evan Bone

David and Camber Brand

Frank and Dr. Robbie Latimore

Ira and Juliana Roth*

James and JoAnn Bria

Richard and Dr. Dale Lawson

Edwin and Tracey Rutherford

Brian and Brandy Church

Sharad and Ila Patel

Jay and Heather Sharpe

Robert and Norma McKechnie

George and Pamela Hayman

Don and Sybil Smith

Steven and Jennifer DeVoe

Jaime Luckey

Gregory Smith

Michael and Pamela Dickson

Abdul Molvi and Sheba Naqvi

Lance Steinhart

James and Michelle Doggett*

Robert Nystrom

Kim Thornton

Lee Evans

Lofton and Faye Odom

Joel Wernick*

George and Pamela Hayman

Irvin and Marian Pinnell

Michael Whitfield*

Paula Hill

Dustin Brown

Thomas Wight

Bardin and Hayden Hooks

Robert and Suzette Reeves*

Jeffrey and Belinda Wright

Brandley and Brittany Johnson

Synovus Financial Corp

Kathleen Barksdale

Katlyn Barksdale

Justin and Rachel Arnold

Gregory and Tracey Lumpkin

Ed Kistler

Shannon and Ali Yasseri

James and Anna Turner

George Torbert and Whitney Shay

Stephen and Shea Harrell

Lynne Pickens

Nancy Ross

Stephen and Carie Summers

Michael and Ashley Baker

Wade Adams

Conner and Anna Gibbs

Adam and Kayson Mobley

Christopher and Gillian Brazell

Edwin and Tracey Rutherford

Bryan and Rhonda Wagoner

Jeff and Bonnie Giglio

Jeffrey and Melissa Lester

Chandler Wagoner

Bradley and Brittany Johnson

Harvey Cain and Michelle Williams

Jane Freedman

Jack and Leslie Owens

Andrea and Michael Wilson

Harvey and Michelle Cain


*Indicates multiple annual gifts