Community Health Needs Assessment

A Healthy Community

A healthy community offers everyone economic opportunity, safety, education and strong families. Phoebe's strategies to promote community health are a vital part of our mission for the region we serve. Through leadership and innovation, community health partnerships are bringing people together and giving them the tools to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital holds community benefit as a core responsibility. A Community Health Needs Assessment and subsequent Implementation Plan were developed and presented to the Board for action at its July 2013 meeting. This assessment process compiled valid and reliable information about the health of citizens in our five-county primary service area. The plan is informed by more than 30 key leader interviews and input from community stakeholders and experts in health status assessment.

View the Assessment and Plan:

Creating Partnerships Across the Community

To access secondary data sources and best practices and evidence based programs, visit our Healthy Communities Institute data links below. The data is for you to use as a tool to explore the many facets of health needs throughout our community.



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