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Document Descriptions

Audited Financial Reports – Each year, an independent expert accounting firm examines Phoebe’s financial statements.  The result of this examination is a report by the auditor attesting to the fairness of presentation of the financial statements and related disclosures.

IRS Form 990 – As a not-for-profit entity entitled to certain tax exemptions, Phoebe is required to file Form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service.  It includes financial data, details on Phoebe’s investments that benefit the communities we serve and governance information that includes compensation for the organization’s highest-paid employees.

Annual Hospital Questionnaire – Each year, Phoebe files this document with the Georgia Department of Community Health.  It includes very detailed information on a wide range of topics including hospital ownership and management, services provided, patient demographics and staffing data.

Community Benefit Report – This information is included in audited financial reports and IRS 990 filings, but to make it simple for the public to find this information, we are posting separate links to our reports.  The reports include details of indigent/charity care, community health improvement services, health professions education, subsidized health services, financial and in-kind services and community building activities.

DSH Survey – Medicaid programs make Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments to qualifying hospitals that serve large numbers of Medicaid and uninsured individuals.  A DSH Survey includes information to ensure a hospital qualifies to receive those DSH payments.

Real Property List – This includes information such as location, purchase price and current use of every property owned by the hospital.  In the interest of transparency, we have also included properties owned by the hospital authority.  Phoebe pays property taxes on properties not being used for exempt purposes.  We also annually evaluate properties we own to ensure they are being used for tax-exempt purposes and return non-exempt properties back to the tax rolls.  Phoebe has a long history of buying rundown or vacant properties and putting them to use for the community, including:

  • Phoebe Northwest
  • Flaggstone
  • Meredyth Place
  • Car Park on 2nd Ave.

Bond Debt – This is a listing of debt, including outstanding principal and description of debt usage.  Phoebe recently consolidated and refinanced debt to lower interest rates and save money in the long term.

Legal Chart – This document lists the legal corporate structure of Phoebe Putney Health System, Inc.  PPHS is a charity that exists to support the activities of the hospitals and physicians in the Phoebe system.  This structure allows us to better coordinate regional healthcare and direct patient care.  Centralizing allows for economies of scale and access to common system resources without duplication of hospital-specific resources.

Compensation/Benefits Report – This chart lists the base compensation, bonuses/incentives, and other compensation to top executives.  Our executive salaries are set by the Compensation Committee, a group of independent Phoebe board members who work closely with SullivanCotter, a nationally recognized expert in executive compensation advisory services specific to the tax-exempt healthcare industry.  Experts at SullivanCotter gather regional and national compensation data and make recommendations to ensure compensation levels are reasonable compared to similar organizations.  Phoebe must maintain executive salaries that are within equitable guidelines in order to attract and retain the leadership that has built Phoebe into a comprehensive health system offering a full range of complex medical services to southwest Georgia without burden on the taxpayers of the region.  Our executives only qualify for raises and bonuses in years when our staff as a whole also qualifies for those increases.  Phoebe consistently follows executive compensation governance policies and procedures that reflect best practices and conform with all state and federal guidelines. 

Accreditations – Phoebe is surveyed annually by DNV GL Healthcare USA, Inc.  DNV GL is an international accredited registrar and classification society which is the global leader in certifying management systems across all types of industries, including healthcare.  The organization assures Phoebe complies with all requirements of the National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations (NIAHO) Hospital Accreditation Program through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Charity Care & Financial Assistance Policies – Phoebe is committed to fulfilling its charitable mission by providing high quality medical care to all patients in our service areas, regardless of their financial situation.  We provide financial assistance for patients who are uninsured, under-insured, ineligible for government programs and otherwise unable to pay for medically necessary care based on their individual financial situation in accordance with federal poverty guidelines.

Phoebe Putney Indemnity, LLC – We have shared the audited financials of PPI, a single parent captive company to insure the risks of PPHS (the parent) in southwest Georgia.  PPI provides to PPHS general liability, professional liability, personal injury liability, advertising injury liability, contractual liability and automobile physical damage coverage.  A captive company allows us to have predictable annual premium costs rather than being subject to the volatility present in the commercial insurance market.  Through self-insurance, we benefit financially over the long term by controlling our own costs and claims management.  We use those savings to benefit our patients and support our healthcare mission.  All hospitals and healthcare entities have liability insurance, just like other large companies.  A captive is the most efficient and effective way to provide that coverage for Phoebe.