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Lemuel “Lem” Van Griffin, Sr. – the Heart of Albany

Lem Griffin was many things to many people. A husband and father. A successful self-made businessman. A cancer survivor. But he was perhaps best known for his servant leadership, quietly helping others through organizations like the Salvation Army, the Boy Scouts of America, and, of course, Phoebe.

Lem built a life – and a legacy – based on serving others, and that spirit lives on in our communities. The Lemuel Griffin Community Service Award looks to honor those in our community who walk that same path of service for others.

This award is given to the individual who has made an uncommon impact on our southwest Georgia community – living generously, serving selflessly, and working with determination, vision, and inspiration to help make life better for us all. It honors those who serve with purpose, solve pressing problems with creativity and connectivity, and, above all, always act with the utmost integrity.



Know Someone Who Lives Mr. Griffin's Spirit of Service?

While Lem was one of a kind, we’re lucky to live in a community rich with people who have a kindred spirit. If you know someone who has made a major impact through service in our community and embodies the values of Generosity, Resourcefulness, Vision, Selflessness, Caring, and Concern, we’d love to hear from you. Just fill out the nomination form below to include your candidate in consideration for the Lemuel Griffin Community Service Award.

Nominate your candidate for the
Lemuel Griffin Community Service Award
Submissions must be received by June 14, 2024.


To download an editable form, click here. Or click here to download a printable form to mail in.

Honoring Service, Empowering Impact

Lem Griffin’s approach to service may have been quiet, but his actions spoke volumes. Lem believed that serving others meant creating positive change to help alter lives for the better. In a word, Lem’s service work delivered impact – for individuals, families, organizations and for our community. The winner of the Lemuel Griffin Community Service Award will be able to deliver real impact, with a grant of $10K that will be given to the community non-profit of their choosing. Our goal is to honor this shining example of service, by amplifying their efforts, helping their selfless service go even farther to make a positive impact in our community.

How Finalists and Winners are Chosen

Lem Griffin was a cornerstone of our community, and the backbone of Phoebe. That’s why our organization’s leadership is so committed to honoring his legacy. We’ve formed a committee of Phoebe professionals and community leaders to review submissions and collectively determine our award winner. Submissions must be received by June 14, 2024.


Need to Get in Touch?

If you have any questions about Lem’s legacy, the Award, the selection process, or anything else, please contact us at