Jacqueline Jenkins, MSPH

Jacqueline Jenkins, MSPH

Community Member
Director, Epidemiology and Surveillance

Jacqueline M. Jenkins, MSPH, is an epidemiologist with expertise in the surveillance and epidemiology of infectious diseases, and chronic disease epidemiology.

Ms. Jenkins holds a graduate degree in epidemiology and biostatistics from the University of South Carolina and is currently the District Epidemiologist and Director of Epidemiology and Surveillance for the Southwest Public Health District (SWHD). In this position she serves as epidemiologist for the fourteen county health departments in the region. In addition, she is responsible for statistical analysis of data and health information for the health district. Ms. Jenkins has worked for the SWHD for thirteen years.

Phoebe does not currently conduct or support studies involving prisoners, pregnant women, human fetuses or neonates.

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