Open Records

Public Records Request

Phoebe Putney Health System will make available public records in compliance with Georgia’s Open Records Act. Acknowledgement of the request will be made within three business days and either make requested records available for inspection, provide copies, or give a reasonable estimate of when the requested information may be available.

All requests for public records must be submitted in writing, including facsimile transmission or email, to the Open Records Officer. The request should include name of the requester, contact information and information necessary to readily identify the public records requested.

To file a public records request, please contact the Open Records Officer:

Jessica Castle
Vice President, Marketing, PR & Business Development
1011 N. Monroe St.
Albany, GA 31701
Phone: 229-312-7014 or 229-312-2148
Fax: 229-312-7117

If you have a medical record request, click here.

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