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We know you expect high quality care every time you visit a doctor and whenever you're in the hospital. We want to share the facts about our quality and help you learn more about our continuous quality improvement projects.

Visitation Policy

We welcome thousands of visitors into our hospitals every week. Those visitors are important to the physical healing and emotional well-being of our patients.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is an emerging medical technology that can confirm or rule out genetic conditions and may be able to help you make important and informed decisions about your healthcare.

Executive Rounding

At Phoebe, our commitment to excellent service and quality care starts at the top. We want every member of the Phoebe Family to put our patients first in all they do every day.

Educational Partnerships

Phoebe is THE teaching hospital for our entire corner of Georgia, and we have many strong educational partnerships.


If you need an MRI, a CT scan, an X-ray or other imaging services, Phoebe is where you want to go. Phoebe Imaging has convenient locations with the region's top equipment that produce the best images.

Wound Care

Our team at Phoebe Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center is uniquely qualified to treat southwest Georgians with wounds that are difficult to heal.

Georgia Farmworker Health

Phoebe Sumter Ellaville Clinic is proud to be one of six clinics in the state that make up the Georgia Farmworker Health program, which provides primary healthcare to migrant and seasonal farmworkers.

Patient Advisory Council

Phoebe’s Patient Advisory Councils are composed of patients, patients’ family members, volunteers and community leaders.

Phoebe Bariatrics

Losing weight isn’t easy, especially if you’re more than just a few pounds heavier than you’d like to be.

Network of Trust

Phoebe’s Network of Trust works with community partners throughout our region to improve the health of our youth.


We love our Phoebe nurses!  Do you know how many work here?  Watch this Inside Phoebe video to find out and to learn more about the amazing work they do for our patients.

Phoebe Sumter Medical Center

Phoebe Sumter continues a legacy of providing quality healthcare for people in and around Sumter County that began 110 years ago.

Continuous Improvement

Phoebe employees are our greatest asset and our best source for ideas on how we can improve our organization and provide better service to our patients. Go Inside Phoebe for a look at how Phoebe Family members are the key to our continuous improvement.

Advance Directives

If you face a medical crisis that prevents you from making decisions about your own healthcare, difficult choices may be left to your family. An advance directive can ease that burden on your family and ensure your wishes are followed.

Tumor Registry

Phoebe cancer registrars collect and analyze data on all of our cancer patients. They are crucial members of our compassionate cancer care team that works closely together to provide the best possible care for each patient.

Stroke Center

FAST is an easy way to remember common symptoms of a stroke. F = Face drooping. A = Arm weakness. S = Speech difficulty. T = Time to call 911. Phoebe is a Primary Stroke Center. See how we treat stroke patients...


Phoebe is one of just three hospitals in Georgia, and the only one outside Atlanta, using patient safety technology called AvaSys Telesitter. As we mark Patient Safety Awareness Week, see how this system is helping us prevent patient falls.

Heart & Vascular

Phoebe’s heart and vascular team is dedicated to providing the most advanced care and the most comprehensive treatments to help ensure patients the best possible quality of life.


We want the Phoebe Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to be known as one of the best in country. Through the Vermont Oxford Network, we're working with experts around the world to make sure we offer our NICU babies the best care.


Unfortunately, colorectal cancer and death rates in southwest Georgia are much higher than the state and national averages. Phoebe is committed to improving those numbers...

Hip & Knee Replacement

Phoebe is one of only two Hip and Knee Replacement Centers of Excellence in Georgia. The designation recognizes excellence in orthopaedic surgery within the scope of hip and knee replacements...


Phoebe treats our region’s most critically ill patients. Our high intensity critical care model is the standard of care that is practiced at the best hospitals in the country.

Labor & Delivery

The Phoebe family is ready to serve your families health care needs through every stage of life. But we're especially proud of our team that's here for you when your family celebrates a new life.

Inpatient Rehab

See how Phoebe's compasssionate inpatient rehab team is effectively meeting the needs of our patients and improving their lives.

Phoebe Physicians

Phoebe has one of the largest networks of physicians in Georgia outside of Atlanta. Our multi-disciplinary team focuses on cutting-edge technology, compassionate service and exceptional quality to meet your primary and specialty care needs.


Phoebe Hospice at Willson Hospice House offers compassionate services in a peaceful and unique setting. Our caring team stands ready to serve your family in your time of need.

Community Care Clinic

Need medical care in a hurry? Our Community Care Clinic offers quality, quick care while reducing congestion in the Emergency Center.


Phoebe has an excellent team of hospitalists dedicated to making your stay here the best it can be. Go Inside Phoebe to learn more about them.

Employee Benefits

If you're part of the Phoebe Family, we appreciate you. If you'd like to join our team, we'll welcome you. Here are some of the benefits we offer our employees.

Breast Health

Breast health is a major concern at Phoebe all year long. See how our team works together to offer the best possible treatments for breast and other cancers.


If your child needs emergency or inpatient care, Phoebe is here for your family 24/7. We also bring some of the top pediatric specialists in Georgia to Albany to treat southwest Georgia children.

Economic Impact

Phoebe is more than a vital part of the healthcare delivery system in southwest Georgia, it is a crucial economic engine for our region.

Phoebe Worth

Phoebe Worth has an outstanding team of board-certified physicians, experienced nurses and other hardworking staff members who are committed to providing high-quality healthcare.

OR Tour/Patient Safety

At Phoebe, we are dedicated to patient safety. Take a tour of one of our operating rooms for an inside look at our infection prevention and control measures.

Ortho & Sports Medicine 

Members of the Phoebe team are on the sidelines at multiple high school football games each Friday night in the fall.  It’s part of our commitment to keep young athletes healthy.

Linear Accelerator

What does it mean to be a not-for-profit hospital? Phoebe is committed to re-investing revenue into equipment and services that allow you to get quality, cutting-edge care right here in southwest Georgia.


Do you know how much money Phoebe pays in property taxes or whether Phoebe receives taxpayer support for treating indigent patients? This Inside Phoebe video has the answers.

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