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Jenny McNair

Volunteer Spotlight - Jenny McNair

Jenny McNair is an invaluable member of the Phoebe Family as a volunteer with Volunteer Services. She has been a friendly face to visitors, patients and employees in the Carlton Breast Center (Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital), Gift Shop, Radiation/Oncology and the Volunteer Services Office. She has also dedicated her time to serving her Phoebe volunteer family by being on the Volunteer Advisory Board.

Volunteering speaks to Jenny’s soul by giving the retired teacher an opportunity to be an encouraging voice to patients and visitors. She has been a source of comfort to many, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When not volunteering at Phoebe, Jenny also serves our community by being on the Theatre Albany Board of Directors, and an Albany Area Arts Council Committee. She’s a member of Albany First Baptist Church and works part-time at Livi & Co.

Her hobbies include reading, traveling, art, attending the theatre, decorating, and attending Bible study.

We are grateful to Jenny for all she’s done for Phoebe, our patients and visitors through her volunteer work.