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TheraSuit® is Here

The recent purchase of a TheraSuit system by the Phoebe Foundation is changing the lives of some of our young patients receiving occupational therapy.

TheraSuit improves body function for everyday living needs of children challenged by developmental delays and traumatic brain injuries as well as those diagnosed with cerebral palsy and other illnesses affecting muscle control.

The biomedical suit allows the therapist to use different configurations of harnesses to build up one muscle group at a time.

“TheraSuit is used by our occupational therapy team to increase feedback to the brain and enhance purposeful movement,” says Lauren Ray, executive director of Phoebe Foundation. “This cutting edge equipment promotes muscle control and strengthening in a focused way that leads to quicker results G right here at home for our local families.”

Jennifer Rigsby, a mother of five, has a daughter with developmental delays. For the past nine years, they have traveled to Atlanta so Madeleine could receive TheraSuit therapy. Now she is able to receive that treatment in Albany.

“We are relieved to finally have this therapy available in our area, not only for our daughter but also for other children who can benefit,” said Rigsby. “Madeleine has made great strides in her abilities and continues to progress much quicker than with traditional therapy alone.

“Thanks to the Phoebe Foundation, we can continue to press on towards achieving our goals,” she added.

Donations to Children’s Miracle Network allowed Phoebe Foundation to purchase the J29,000 TheraSuit being used by the physical therapy team at Phoebe Northwest.

For information about Phoebe Foundation and how you can help, call 229-312-GIVE or visit them online at