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Inpatient Rehabilitation

At Phoebe, Inpatient Rehabilitation is maximizing independence to increase the quality of life.

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit is committed to providing the best rehabilitative care possible for patients with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Offers:

  • Highly-skilled staff
  • Exceptional patient and family-centered care
  • Access to reliable health information through your nurse
  • Spacious and adequate therapy gym

The department offers comprehensive services ranging from physical, occupational and speech therapy, to recreational therapy.

Physical therapy provides specialized training in functional mobility, balance, endurance, active and passive range of motion and safety practices. The focus is on re-entry into the community through skilled gait training, wheelchair mobility training, stair training, car transfer training, and transfer training from various surfaces and heights.

Occupational therapy provides specialized training in activities of daily living (ADLs), functional transfers, active and passive range of motion, endurance, homemaking skills, visual perception, cognitive retraining, coordination task, endurance, and safety practices. Patients will participate in bathing, dressing, toileting and grooming themselves in a manner similar to the home environment.

Speech therapy provides evaluation and treatment of a variety of communication impairments, such as, aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, and cognitive linguistic deficits. Speech therapy also provides evaluation and treatment of swallowing disorders.

Recreational therapy provides specialized training in community reentry, relaxation techniques, joint and energy conservation and community referrals including handicap parking. They involve the patients in a group setting in various activities to encourage social interaction.

Working to assist patients in developing techniques that will restore the ability to perform activities of daily living, teaching patients how to adapt to physical changes and maximizing independence in mobility by helping to regain movement and restore function to the injured or affected area of the body are common goals the staff members seek to achieve with every patient.

For more information about Phoebe Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation services located at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, North Campus, call (229) 434-2580.