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Neurology at Phoebe

Neurologists specialize in the medical treatment and care of patients with neurologic conditions.

Neurological issues can be complex and even critical as they can be the root of a wide range of health issues from chronic headaches to more serious conditions like Parkinson disease.

We understand that each patient is unique. We take a team approach to neurological care, sharing ideas across disciplines to develop the most effective individualized treatment plans for our patients.

Phoebe offers many options for neurological problems, including those related to muscle conditions, seizures, spine conditions, strokes, sleep disorders, or brain tumors.

Neurology Services include:

  • Comprehensive neurological evaluation
  • Care of patients as young as 13
  • Botox injections for headache, hemifacial spasm, spasticity and dystonia
  • Neurophysiological testing including EEG, sleep studies, nerve conduction studies, needle EMG, and evoked potentials
  • Pre-surgical evaluations
  • Diagnosis and non-surgical management of diseases of the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and muscles
  • General clinical care and advanced treatment for neuromuscular disorders, stroke and epilepsy
  • Specialized training and services in clinical electrophysiology

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Neurology: Phoebe Neurology, 229-312-5733