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PET/CT Scanning

PET/CT imaging is a non-invasive procedure that detects biological and structural changes in the body.

When used with FDG, a sugar analog, the PET/CT scan shows with great precision, the area(s) where an abnormal amount of FDG has accumulated. Because cancer cells are known to consume a much higher amount of sugar than normal cells, PET/CT and FDG scans are performed to identify these regions.

PET/CT and FGD scans are performed for staging or follow-up in cancer patients.

The staging scan allows the treating physician to have a global view and understanding of the extent of cancers.

The follow-up PET/CT and FDG scans are done during the treatment or at the end of the treatment. When performed during the treatment, PET/CT and FDG scans are used to evaluate the response the treatment. When performed at the end of the treatment, the PET/CT and FDG scans are performed to ensure complete remission. By performing these scans, the treating physician will have the option to switch the patients to other forms of treatment if necessary.

Our PET/CT center at Meredyth is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and our radiologists interpreting the scans are board certified.