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Mohs Surgery

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the new standard of care for skin cancer treatment.  This technique is used in areas where tissue conservation is important and is reserved for certain types of skin cancers in certain locations of the body.

Benefits of Mohs Surgery Include:

  • Thorough removal of skin cancer & minimal margins removed (spares healthy tissue)
  • Smaller and less disruptive scars (better cosmetic result)
  • Highest cure rate of any surgical procedure
  • Procedure conducted in office with local anesthesia

Mohs Surgery is used in treating many basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs), including those in cosmetically and functionally important areas around the eyes, nose, lips, ears, scalp, fingers, toes or genitals. Mohs is also recommend for BCCs and SCCs that cover lager areas, have indistinct edges, or have recurs after previous treatment.

The average Mohs procedure can last between 2 and 4 hours.  It is important for patients to expect to be waiting the majority of this time while a pathologist reviews individual skin samples before determining if more skin needs to be removed. At Phoebe Dermatology, Dr. Plumb is not only the dermatologist and Mohs surgeon; he is the pathologist, too – offering the full spectrum of care.

Most patients are curious about recovery time.  There is no average for recovery time as many factors must be considered (such as patient’s natural healing ability, proper wound care after procedure, size of the area on which the procedure is conducted and location of skin cancer – some areas heal faster than others).

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