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Chamber Partnerships

Phoebe Corporate Health is partnering with regional chambers to offer benefit services to their members. We recognize the workforce occupational and wellness needs that exist within the business communities and are excited to offer services that meet those needs in an accommodating on-site and cost efficient manner.

By being a member of the below chambers, member organizations receive an automatic discount on services that will benefit your company.

Services include:

  • Occupational Services (Physical Exams, Drug Screens, Random Drug Screening Program)
  • Wellness Services (Vaccinations, Biometric Screening, Worksite Ergonomic Assessment, Wellness Coaching)
  • On-Site Education (CPR/First Aid/Bloodborne Pathogen Training, Wellness Education topics identified by employer)
  • Ancillary Services (Emotional Counseling Services, Financial Wellness Service)

 Albany Area Chamber of Commerce

 Ashburn-Turner County Chamber of Commerce

 Camilla Chamber of Commerce

 Lee County Chamber of Commerce

 Sylvester-Worth Chamber of Commerce

 Sumter County Chamber of Commerce

 Terrell County Chamber of Commerce