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Paternity Acknowledgement

What Parents Need to Know...

The Paternity Acknowledgement (PA)  is a document which is used to add a  biological (natural) father to a child’s birth record.
Once filed with the State Office of  Vital Records, the PA helps establish the father and child relationship. It is a voluntary agreement between the mother and the biological father to add the father’s name to the birth record. The child’s name can also be changed within the first year of birth if agreed upon by both the mother and father. Upon the birth of a child at Phoebe and prior to initial discharge, our hospital can supply the form and execute the PA at no charge to the mother, as long as none of the restrictions below apply. Upon discharge, Phoebe is no longer able to execute the PA and other  methods of filing will have to be  initiated by the parents.*
Please note: both mother and father must present valid picture  identification and Social Security  numbers in order to complete the form.  If mother or father are minors, the legal guardians of the minor must present official identification and sign the PA form in addition to the minor parent(s).


A PA cannot be used if the mother of the child was married to anyone within 10 months prior to the birth of the child or, if for any reason, there is another father listed on the child’s birth certificate. If the mother was married during the time frame noted above, or if another father is listed on the birth record, court action will be necessary to establish paternity, amend the birth record, and establish legitimation.

Please note that couples who are legally separated are deemed MARRIED according to law.
*Additional methods of filing PA (fees may be required): A paternity acknowledgment form may be signed at the State Office of Vital Records in Atlanta, or the Vital Records Office in the County where the child was born.
Notice: Phoebe does not have PA  records or official birth certificates.