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Parents-to-be Information

Important Information to Know:

  • Hospital registration will need your official and up-to-date identification (I.D.) indicating your current and legal last name (especially for mother-to-be). This is necessary for your own medical records and the birth record of your baby.
  • You will be interviewed by a representative from Medical Records who will be gathering information required for submission by the State Office of Vital Records.
  • The hospital will provide new mothers with ONE document that notes confirmation of birth upon discharge – no additional copies can be provided. Please note: this document is NOT a birth certificate.
  • The hospital does NOT receive a copy of the completed birth certificate, but does submit the information to the State Office of vital Records for creation of the birth certificate. Birth certificates are obtained from the Probate Court or State Office of Vital Records.
  • The hospital has four days to complete the electronic data submission for baby’s birth certificate to the state. The state prepares the birth certificate document based on this information.
  • Mothers who will apply for the Medicaid program: In order to begin the application process to ensure timely coverage, the hospital will need the official name of the newborn as soon as possible after birth.

Upon Parent'(s') Request Only:

  • The hospital will provide information to the Albany Herald for the birth announcement. Please note that the hospital has no influence on the timing of the announcement being published by the newspaper.
  • New parents can request that the hospital apply for the newborn’s social security card. After Social Security Administration processes application, the social security card will be mailed to the parent(s). This can take several weeks.
  • The hospital can provide parents with information about DNA testing, as supplied by the State Office of Vital Records.

Prior to Arriving at the Hospital:

Patients can register for the Phoebe Patient Portal at The Phoebe Patient Portal is a convenient way to manage your personal healthcare and connect with your doctor. This online tool securely stores your medical history, medications, personal information used by doctors and nurses along with inpatient records, lab results and more.