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Friday, May 15, 2020 - Coronavirus Updates...

Phoebe Reports Friday COVID-19 Numbers  |  @ 12:45 p.m.

Albany, Ga. – As of noon Friday, these were Phoebe’s COVID-19 numbers:

  • Total COVID-19 Patients in Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital – 52
  • Total COVID-19 Patients in Phoebe Sumter Medical Center - 11
  • Total COVID-19 Patients in Phoebe Worth Medical Center – 0
  • Total Inpatients Recovered – 315
  • Total Positive Deaths from Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital – 91
  • Total Positive Deaths from Phoebe Sumter – 27

Two military flyovers were scheduled Friday to show support for Phoebe’s frontline caregivers.  Aircraft from the Georgia Air National Guard’s 165th Airlift Wing based in Savannah and the 75th Fighter Squadron based at Moody Air Force Base will show solidarity and support for healthcare professionals by flying over Phoebe’s main campus.

“It is incredibly inspiring that our military heroes would take time to recognize the Phoebe Family as healthcare heroes on the frontlines of the coronavirus battle.  We have such great respect for our troops, and we are so appreciative of the support we’ve gotten from them over the last two months.  Dozens of members of the National Guard have worked right alongside our caregivers and support staff, and they’re assistance with our COVID-19 response has been invaluable.  The people of Georgia should be extremely proud that we have hardworking folks of such great character who are willing to serve our state and our country.  We could not have accomplished all we have without their dedicated service to our patients and our community,” said Scott Steiner, Phoebe Putney Health System Chief Executive Officer. 

Two Georgia Air National Guard Medical Groups and eight Georgia Army National Guard Medical Groups based throughout Georgia will conclude their mission at Phoebe Saturday.  They will continue to support the state’s COVID-19 response by focusing on assisting testing operations in Albany and Atlanta.

“We were a ‘purpose-built’ team sent here to support the needs of this community, and that was our first priority.  As an additional benefit, our medics have had some amazing experiences at Phoebe that will prepare them for their future careers.  We’ve been very glad to help, and we felt really welcome from day one.  The staff was so appreciative and supportive of us and worked incredibly well with us.  Seeing the civilian support for us has been extremely meaningful,” said Lt. Col. Meryl Henry, Albany Medical Support Team Lead with 116th Air Control Wing based at Robbins Air Force Base. 

As many as 50 personnel from the medical groups were assigned to Phoebe at one time.  A National Guard general purpose unit of about 50 troops will remain at Phoebe to help with tasks such as supply management and screenings at entrances for at least two more weeks.

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