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Friday, April 17, 2020 - Coronavirus Updates...

Phoebe Reports Friday COVID-19 Numbers  |  @ 11:38 a.m.

Albany, Ga. – As of noon Friday, these were all Phoebe-related COVID-19 test results:

  • Total Positive Results – 2,030
  • Total Positive Deaths from Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital – 66
  • Total Positive Deaths from Phoebe Sumter – 12
  • Total Positive Patients in Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital – 117
  • Total Positive Patients in Phoebe Sumter Medical Center - 25
  • Total Positive Patients in Phoebe Worth Medical Center – 3
  • Total Patients Awaiting Test Results – 147
  • Total Negative Results – 3,641
  • Total Patients Recovered – 1,205

In the last 24 hours, Phoebe received 234 test results throughout the health system. That number includes 165 negative results and 69 positives, including two additional deaths of positive COVID-19 patients.

“We continue to celebrate every win in our battle against COVID-19. This week, we were able to discharge a 99 year-old patient who is one of more than 1,200 people in our community who have recovered from this illness. Yesterday, the team in our main emergency center saw 9 COVID patients who required hospitalization -- the lowest number in a month. And we have seen a 20% decline in COVID inpatients in our main hospital in just over a week. However, our intensive care units remain near capacity, and we saw increases in the number of COVID patients at our Sumter and Worth campuses in the last 24 hours. We know this is not the time to let up. The prevalence of COVID-19 remains high throughout southwest Georgia, and we continue to marshal resources and supplies to continue to meet the demand,” said Scott Steiner, Phoebe Putney Health System Chief Executive Officer.

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