Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Phoebe Sports Medicine offers the ultimate in assessment and treatment of athletic injuries.

Athletic trainers, exercise physiologists and physical therapists prepare an individualized training regime to prepare athletes to go back to competition and to prevent further injuries. Our services include:

For more information, times and prices on wellness or training program listed below, please contact the Sports Medicine department at Phoebe Northwest. The certified athletic trainers can be reached at (229) 312-8729 or (229) 312-8733; please ask for Chauncey Keith, William Sells, or Jeff Tanner.

Wellness and Aquatic Exercise Programs

Fitness After Fifty:
Includes the walking track only and periodic blood pressure checks; must be 50 or older to participate.

Wellness Program:
Includes access to all land exercise facilities; does not include pool.

Aquatic Therapy Program:
Includes two aquatic therapy classes per week; does not include access to land exercise equipment/facilities.

Joint Wellness/Aquatics Program:
Includes access to all land exercise facilities and two aquatic therapy classes per week

Individual Personal Training:
Includes sessions of strength, conditioning and flexibility training

Buddy Training Packages:
Includes two individuals working with an athletic trainer

Exercise and Fitness Assessment:
Includes walk port one mile walk test, one rep max test, sit and reach test and BMI test

Biggest Loser:
Includes cardiovascular and weight training, nutritionist for diet control, testing for walk port one mile walk, BMI and Tanita Scale assessment.

Weight No More:
Includes training for individuals at the bariatric level.

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