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Patient and Family-Centered Care

Treating the Patient and the Family

At Phoebe, our nursing professionals are committed to a partnership with patients and families to ensure quality patient outcomes and safety.

Patient care is delivered through an interdisciplinary patient and family-centered approach. Patients and their families participate in the care process and collaborate with caregivers as part of the patient care team.

There is more to treating patients than just extraordinary clinical care. Our nursing team tends to the emotional, mental and spiritual needs of patients and their families. We acknowledge that emotional, social and developmental support are integral components of the healing process.

Nursing Standards

  • Involve patients and families in all aspects of the planning, delivery and evaluation of health care services.
  • Encourage and support families in care planning and decision-making.
  • Recognize families as important members of the health care team.
  • Provide care that respects patients' values, preferences and expressed needs.
  • Provide timely, tailored and expert care in managing the physical comfort of each patient.
  • Provide emotional support in relieving anxiety and fear that accompanies an injury or illness -- fear of pain, disability or disfigurement, loneliness, financial impact, and the effect of illness on the family.

Core Concepts

  • Dignity and Respect. We listen to and honor patient and family perspectives and choices. Patient and family knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds are highly respected before, during and after the planning and delivery of care.
  • Information Sharing. We communicate with patients and families in ways that are affirming and useful. Patients and families receive timely, complete, and accurate information in order to effectively participate in care and decision-making.
  • Participation. Patients and families are encouraged and supported in participating in care and decision-making at the level they choose.
  • Collaboration. Health care leaders collaborate with patients and families in the delivery of care.

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  • Nursing Education -- 229-312-5201
  • Nursing Administration -- 229-312-5207