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Daisy Award Winners

2022 Daisy Award Winners and Recipients

Congratulations to each of our DAISY award recipients. Their incredible commitment to providing exceptional patient care is evidenced in each of their nomination stories listed below.

Ann McDuffie, RN: April DAISY Winner

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

Ann McDuffie was my nurse for 3 days during my recent hospitalization at Phoebe Putney Hospital in Albany, Georgia. In a time of understaffed and overworked nurses, she went above and beyond to ensure that I understood my illness and treatment, that I had everything  I needed to improve my comfort and manage my pain.  She listened inventively to my symptoms and concerns, and she was compassionate and took care of me as if I was the only patient she had. 

One example, I had been stuck 6 times to put in a central line and it came out. Rather than stick me multiple times to search for a new vein she contacted the doctor to ask for a mid-line since I needed to receive IV antibiotics for several days. This significantly improved the quality, effectiveness, and comfort of my care. 

She was patient to communicate with my family regarding my condition and care and even changed the water in the flowers when I wasn't able to do it myself! She assisted me with personal hygiene-She wasn't concerned about "that's not my job", she did whatever was needed to ensure that I had the best care.

I wish Ann McDuffie could be cloned and sent to hospitals across America-she is more than a nurse-she is a guardian angel!

Congratulations Ann!

Jessica Harrell, RN: March DAISY Winner

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

Jessica Harrell is an excellent co-worker. She not only makes sure her patients and family members are taken care of, but she also makes sure her co-workers are taken care of as well. There are many instances where Jessica has shown her full potential, but a particular day comes to mind where Jessica out shined us all.

Early December MICU had a patient who had been in the unit for over a week. Multiple tests and procedures were done throughout that time in order to determine what exactly it was that was making the patient so sick. No answers were coming. Jessica advocated for the patient and suggested the patient be transferred to another facility that offered a higher level of care.

The physician that was in ICU was unfamiliar with the outside hospital transfer processes, so Jessica without missing a beat researched different outside area hospitals to find which one would best suit the patients needs. Jessica found several, obtained the transfer center numbers of these facilities and helped our ICU physician navigate through the process until one of the facilities accepted the patient. She printed out all the necessary paperwork, obtained all the appropriate phone numbers and expedited the entire transfer process all while also including the patient's wife in the plan of care.

The best part of this is that the patient was not Jessica's patient. Jessica was our MET nurse that day and sat in on rounds and advocated for this patient. I have always been grateful to work side by side with Jessica, she really does go above and beyond for her patients, their families and her co-workers. Thank you for considering Jessica Harrell for the Daisy Award, it is very well deserved. - Mandy Batts, RN

Congratulations Jessica!

Theresa Allauigan, RN: February DAISY Winner

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

My daughter, TaKeashi Price, had a procedure with Dr. Talley and Theresa was her nurse. My daughter is high risk and her children are mostly premature. Theresa used her personal cell phone to text me updates on my only child. 

My daughter has two other children, ages 12 and 7, who were not allowed in the Labor and Delivery waiting area. When I left at 2 p.m. to pick up the kids from school, I was so nervous to leave my child in PACU not being able to see her before I left. Theresa promised me she would keep me informed and she did by texting me from her cell phone not calling from phoebe phone while she cared for all her patients.

When I returned with the kids, I could not leave the kids in the vehicle alone in the parking lot so I could not visit my daughter again. Theresa texted me still regular updates until my child was dismissed.

I thank God for such a sweet, loving, caring, kind-spirited nurse who was dedicated to providing excellent medical care to her patient and being dedicated to keeping the family informed step by step with the care. Theresa did not have to do this act of kindness this was beyond her job description. I am beyond grateful and ecstatically happy that Nurse Allauigan was our nurse this day. .RN Theresa Allauigan is definitely an extraordinary nurse. 

It is with great joy, kindness and thankfulness that I nominate Theresa Allauigan, RN for this prestigious award.

Congratulations Theresa!

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