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Daisy Award Winners

2021 Daisy Award Winners and Recipients

Congratulations to each of our DAISY award recipients. Their incredible commitment to providing exceptional patient care is evidenced in each of their nomination stories listed below.

Alyssa Hurst, RN: 4th Floor

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Daisy Award Winner

According to the nomination letter, Alyssa was attentive to not only the patient but the patient’s wife. “She was caring, compassionate and funny. She helped put us at ease during such a stressful time of our lives. My husband had been NPO (time in which you may not eat or drink anything) for quite some time and she personally went to the cafeteria to get him some food upon returning from his procedure,” wrote the patient’s wife.

Alyssa, who has been a member of the Phoebe Family for 4.5 years, says she enjoys not only helping people but helping them understand their health and learn how to care for themselves. “It means a lot that someone took the time to write the nomination and thank me. It validates that I chose the right career when sometimes I think I’m not doing a good job,” added Alyssa.

“She has a natural ability to connect with patients and explain things on a level they can understand. You can really tell that she enjoys her job,” said Casie Darley, RN, Nurse Manager, 4AB.

Congratulations Alyssa!

Laura Hershberger, RN: Coumadin Clinic

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Daisy Award Winner

"This nurse is one of the most caring, hard-working, going above and beyond for patients, workers that I have seen in years. She's an old school nurse that has not changed in her nursing career and taken the easier road, she's always that same nurse that works hard and goes out of her way to help patients.

Many times, our coumadin clinic is forgotten in the cancer center, because it's not always directly related with cancer. This nurse comes in around 7a.m. and sometimes doesn't leave till the late hours, and a lot of this time is off the clock, so she doesn't get in trouble for overtime. She is going to make sure everything is done for every patient, and orders are in, and is prepared for when the patients come in. She goes the extra mile to help these coumadin patients to stay compliant. I don't think many understand how coumadin can truly be a dangerous drug when patients are not properly compliant or take it right. She will make calendars for patient to take home detailing exactly the dose and how many pills the patient is supposed to take. She will even call their caretakers at home to make sure they know what dosages the patients need as well. An example of her going above and beyond is, she actually fills a patient's pill box for a coumadin patient, because he is fearful, he may not do it right and trusts her to fill the pill calendar out for him, so that he is compliant with his coumadin and will properly take it.

There are several coumadin patients with mental illness, or some type of mental delay, and this nurse goes above and beyond to work with these special patients to make sure they are compliant, which can be extremely difficult. She always makes sure she knows what medications these patients are taking, so she will know what medications will increase the effectiveness of coumadin and may put patients at risk for bleeding. I cannot say enough great things about this nurse These coumadin patients are like her family and second family. She is a top notch, awesome nurse and has a caring and giving heart."

Sincerely, - A Phoebe Family Employee

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