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Nursing Services

Delivering quality, compassionate and competent nursing careTheir decisions save lives. Their words enlighten. Their compassion eases pain. And their cheers celebrate success. They are the dedicated nurses of Phoebe and they provide high-quality care to patients in our hospitals, our outpatient facilities and even in our patients’ homes.

At Phoebe, our nursing team is committed
to delivering quality, compassionate and competent nursing care.

In support of Phoebe's mission, our nursing team delivers extraordinary care to improve the health and wellness of the people and communities we serve.

We understand there is more to treating patients than just superior clinical care. We treat the patient, the whole family and we meet the need no matter how big or small.

For more information about nursing services at Phoebe, contact the department(s) below that best suites your desired request.

Nursing Education -- (229) 312-5201
Nursing Recruitment -- (229) 312-4350
Nursing Administration -- (229) 312-5191