Zoho Info

What is Zoho?

Zoho Connect is a social platform to allow all Phoebe team members to stay connected to Phoebe news and events, as well as their Phoebe Family. Zoho Connect is intuitive and easy to use so you will be able to easily navigate and find tools to help you use the platform.

We encourage all team members to set up their account with their information and start to familiarize themselves with Zoho Connect. Groups will be set up for each department, so it is recommended to join appropriate groups as you set up your account. You will then be able to share and view events, tips and pertinent information with your team. For those with a smartphone, we recommend downloading the Zoho Connect app to more easily access your network.

Setting up your account

As a Phoebe Family member, you will receive an invitation in your Phoebe email account to join with Zoho Connect. Once you have created your unique password, you’ll be able to set up your profile and state engaging with other Phoebe Family members.

To best utilize Zoho Connect, input all requested contact information in your profile so others can find you and connect. Your contact information and department specification are mandatory – please select the job title (“designation”) that is most appropriate for your role at Phoebe, as well as all of the departments that you are a part of. Some information is not mandatory, but recommended so your co-workers can learn a little more about you, and so the Phoebe Family can celebrate you on birthdays and work anniversaries.

It is also important to include an up-to-date head shot in your profile. This will help your Phoebe Family identify you quickly, will generate a culture of community throughout our multiple regions and will get new co-workers up to speed on who’s-who.

Please contact zohoconnect@phoebehealth.com with questions regarding Zoho and My Phoebe Family.

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