Learning & Development

Access, Learning & Development

Whether at work, on the road or in the comfort of your own home, you can stay connected when you need to. Access your online education lessons, employee e-mail, portal, as well as your employee self service information.

Employee Education (NetLearning)

Access NetLearning from anywhere! Easy access to your online education lessons. Log in now.

Phoebe E-Mail

Access employee email, while away from the office. This connection will require that you know your user name and password. Log in now.

Employee Self Service / API Vacancies

View pay history, make tax changes see time/attendance, deductions, and access the "Personal" tab to update your information and emergency contacts. API Vacancies allows nursing staff to view and request to work open shifts on any unit for which you are qualified. Note: When you click on the API "Personal" tab, use your Windows log in and password credentials to accessClick for access.

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